Assault Lawyer

Assault convictions, which can include jail time, extensive fines and probation, can cause serious, long-term effects on your freedom. In addition, having a criminal record can adversely affect other parts of your life such as getting a job or home.

Here at Ng & Sidhu, we handle a wide range of assault cases with varying levels of seriousness. It is our job to shield our clients from the potential devastating consequences of an assault conviction. We are committed to obtaining the best outcome for our clients, whether at trial or through negotiation with Crown Counsel.


Assault charges attributed to a domestic dispute can carry heavy burdens and serious consequences. Domestic assault is taken extremely seriously and is a situation that involves little police investigation, but regularly leads to criminal charges. Unfortunately, in domestic dispute cases the police and the prosecution often do not care about the fairness of the trial. The lack of investigation and crown motivation can cause serious problems for individuals who are charged with domestic assault violations, even though no illegal action has taken place. Contact us today!