Benefits Of Hiring An ICBC Lawyer To Navigate Your Claim

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While the ICBC is mandated to settle claims quickly and in the most affordable manner, it would be a good legal procedure to have representation if there are issues of liability. You can make claims without legal assistance if the case is simple and liability is not disputed. The ICBC will offer the quickest settlement to end the case as soon as possible, which is not always in your best interest. Only a qualified personal injury lawyer can represent you adequately.

Engaging the services of a qualified personal injury lawyer has several advantages:

  • Handling the investigation and evidence collection in case the ICBC places the liability on you. The lawyer will handle the medical experts, police investigators and anyone else that can help your case. This evidence is crucial in building up your case and will involve showing that the accident has led to a loss of earnings and other losses as you may claim them.
  • The lawyer will save you the problem of having to go around collecting evidence that is sometimes only available using court orders. These include employment records and other documents that the employer may be reluctant to release from the fear of incrimination.
  • Stepping in with the resources necessary for the case to conclude. These include court filings, facilitation of medical experts, obtaining medical records and other costs associated with the case. The lawyer retains these experts to come to the court and give testimony when needed. These costs can build up quickly in a lengthy case.
  • Ensuring that the limitation period does not elapse and that you make your claim in time.
  • Preparing and handling the litigation. This involves filing the notice of civil claim, obtaining disclosure documents, attending discovery examinations, negotiating for an early settlement where possible, and proceeding to trial where it fails.
  • Ensuring that the ICBC settles in your best terms. The ICBC does not usually wish to proceed to trial and is likely to settle the better terms negotiated by the client.
  • Guiding you through the process of collecting your no-fault claim benefits from the ICBC including disability benefits and medical rehabilitation funds. The lawyer will also help you collect other benefits that are not ICBC benefits.
  • Handling all communication with ICBC. This is crucial as some of these items are legal jargon that may be impossible to understand.  Without legal help, you may sign away a good settlement.

If you live in Surrey BC, when making an ICBC claim, it is highly advised that you engaged the services of an ICBC lawyer in Surrey. Remember that you will be vulnerable during this period and a lawyer will do the heavy lifting for you and look out for your best interests.