Benefits Of Using A Personal Injury Lawyer​

Many families hesitate or prolong seeking the assistance of a professional personal injury lawyer as they fear the cost will be to high, the process to much of a hassle or they resent being litigious. Many of the excuses individuals convince themselves of are not true, or a for of procrastination. The objective of hiring a legal professional for representation is supposed to ease your burden underwent during personal injury. At Ng Sidhu Law, our personal injury law fees don’t cost our clients “out-of-pocket” as the fees are part of the settlement. If you have personal injury avoiding the courtroom out of courtesy, you or the accident victim is shortchanging themselves, and could end up underestimating the past and future value and financial needs.

A good, and experienced personal injury lawyer will outline all of the options and help navigate the entire legal process. There are numerous benefits associated with hiring a lawyer some of the he benefits of hiring a personal injury law firm include:

  • Trial & Mediation Expertise:  if a client chooses to represent themselves in a case, they may find that their lack of knowledge and experience of the law and legal processes hinders them in their ability to receive proper compensation.
  • Aware of ICBC Practices: The goal of the ICBC is to minimize the payout of a personal injury case. If you have been injured in BC it is vital that you seek the legal council of a professional ICBC lawyer to ensure you are receiving proper reimbursement.
  • Experience Working With Insurance Carriers:  If your case involves insurance companies and/or the ICBC, the victim often receives a settlement; unfortunately, the settlement offered is usually substantially less than what is required from the insurer. A personal injury lawyer can ensure you get the compensation you deserve.
  • Expert Advice & Experience: When it comes to attributing value to compensation, quantifying the damages and recreating the circumstances of the injury/accident the knowledge and expertise of a legal professional can help.  Having an experts opinion and testimony can far improve a victims chances of receiving fair injury compensation.

When it comes to defending the rights of an individual, a personal injury law firm has an abundance os resources they can use to construct a solid case on the clients behalf. Having a personal injury lawyer fighting for you can mean the difference between a dismissed case and well-deserved financial compensation. If you enter a personal injury law case without a personal injury lawyer, an individual representing themselves may miss out on receiving the financial compensation they require. If you have any questions about the services offered in personal injury lawwhat personal injury lawyers do and the types of claims that are handled contact the personal injury lawyers at Ng Sidhu Law.


Many people who initially suffer an injury negate the personal injury process and miss out on receiving fair compensation. If you or a loved one have been injured due to another persons negligence you may be able to receive financial reimbursement. At Ng Sidhu Law, we work each client to understand their injury and needs and then formulate a case to get them compensation they require and fair payment from the ICBC.


The ICBC may appear to be working with you and representing your best interest. However, the ICBC is simply trying to reduce the cost of treatment and minimize your injury claim. The ICBC is a corporation, and is often against the victim, negating them the care and financial security they need. At Ng Sidhu Law, we help our clients receive a fair settlement from the ICBC. Aiding each client in getting the treatment they need to properly care for their injuries.