Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer

A Bicycle accident may seem straight forward however the courts see no difference between motor vehicles and bicycles. Bicyclists are subject to the same traffic laws as motorists. Fortunately, there is a high expectation that drivers are aware of bicyclists on the road. The courts favor in siding with bicyclists if a driver is found to be driving distracted, recklessly or not abiding traffic laws. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident our firm can investigate your case. Our consultations are free of charge, contact us today for a free evaluation of your bicycle injury case!


If you are injured as a result of a bicycle accident it is important to seek out medical professionals that are dedicated to your health and well being, ensuring the injuries are mitigated. Injured cyclists often lack the medical experience of family physician or know of the appropriate treatment providers. At Ng Sidhu we have a strong network of medical practitioners spread across the lower mainland BC. Fortunately These reasonable expenses will be covered by the province and ICBC.


When it comes to bicycle accidents, ICBC programs may appear to be working in your best interests however they are simply trying to reduce the cost of your treatments and minimize the injury claim. The ICBC is a corporation, and as a business it is against their interest to fairly compensate bicycle accident victims. They also do not want to invest the appropriate time and costs associated with your recovery. We help our clients reach their settlement and get the proper coverage from the ICBC.

Bike Accident Injuries

Ng Sidhu Law has extensive experience dealing with Bicycle Accidents, and the victims and damages associated with the tragedy. We have a vast network of medical practitioners that can aid in the quick recovery and proper rehabilitation. While you focus on your recovery we will fight for you and your case. We ensure you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering, wage loss, rehabilitation expenses, future care costs and loss of future earning capacity. Contact us today for a free bicycle accident case evaluation or if you require the services of a motorcycle accident injury lawyer

Brain Injury

The complexity of brain damages is incomparable, and the impact on a person and their loved ones can be devastating.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be a huge distraction to the bearer, we make sure your discomfort is compensated.

Broken Bones

Get reimbursement for the short-term and long-term damages associated with broken bones.

Spine Injury

Direct and indirect spinal and back injury can lead to not only discomfort but lack of mobility. Get representation to compensate.


Neck injuries associated with whiplash and tissue damage can lead to ongoing pain and discomfort, get proper treatment.


Our extensive professional network of medical and rehabilitation professionals can help the healing process, ensuring your recovery.