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Car Accident Injuries

Every year hundreds of thousands of Canadians are injured due to motor vehicle accidents. Accidents can happen just as easily on busy urban streets as they can on empty rural roads. Drivers aged 15 to 24 are more likely to face motor vehicle accident in their near future than older drivers are.

In British Columbia, when you face a car accident that involves serious injuries, you will file a claim with the ICBC. The ICBC is a federal organisation that provides universal coverage for British Columbian drivers. One downside to the ICBC is a limited and skewed assessment process that results in lower than deserved injury settlements.

If you have faced an accident-related injury, contact Ng Sidhu Law, we can help to ensure the ICBC does not take advantage of you or underestimate your injuries. We can help negotiate, communicate and fully represent your case from start to finish. We offer free case reviews and only require compensation after we have obtained legal results and a settlement.

Post-Accident Doctor Visits

Seeing your doctor and keeping up with your appointed post-accident doctor visits in very important.  These are the two main reasons to see a doctor immediately following a serious collision.

  • Health – Even minor aches and pains can be signs of serious injuries or can worsen. Brain and spinal issues as well as internal bleeding can initially disguise themselves as small levels of discomfort but can grow into life threatening issues.
  • Legal Rights – ICBC claims require evidence of an injury resulting from the accident. You doctor’s notes and statements can provide this evidence. Though, if you do not see a doctor or wait too long to see a doctor, this evidence can be easily thrown out.

Types Of Potential Injuries

A car accident can result in a number of different serious injuries. These injuries can all require varying rehabilitation treatments and times. 5 common injuries that come as a result of a traffic collision are:

  • Whiplash – A sudden acceleration or deceleration can cause an individual’s neck to move abruptly and past normal ranges of motion. Whiplash hurts the soft tissues and bone structures in your neck.
  • Shoulder Injuries – Shoulder separations and dislocations can come from a car accident. Torn rotator cuffs can also be a result of a direct blow to the shoulder. If your shoulder is painful to move and swelling after the collision, this is a sign of a shoulder injury.
  • Knee Ligament Tears – Knees have two major ligaments, the medial collateral ligament (MCL) and the anterior collateral ligament (ACL) that stabilise the knee and provide it to move under control. When your foot is firmly planted in a car and the knee takes on too much trauma, one or both of these ligaments can tear.
  • Head or Brain Trauma – Concussions, loss of consciousness, skull fractures are commonly brought on by car accidents. Redness or swelling as well as bleeding from the ears or eyes are signs of major head trauma.
  • Back or Spinal Injuries – Your lower back will absorb bodily compressions, which makes the area highly susceptible to injury in a car crash. Signs of damaged vertebrae or tendons can be subtle as discomfort in your back. If not assessed and treated this minor pain can result in lifelong discomfort or further injury.

Your ICBC Accident and Injury Claim

Personal injury law can be difficult to fully grasp, which can leave injured individuals susceptible to lesser settlements and compensation. Don’t let the ICBC take advantages of your claim. An attorney can offer the following services to aid in your ICBC claim process.

  • Accident Investigation – Professionals can gather nearly endless information on the accident to grasp a full understanding of your claims validity and its details. This helps provide a sound foundation for the next steps.
  • Full Harm Assessments – We are able to review medical records and talk with healthcare professionals to fully understand your injuries as well as your immediate and future harm. This helps to define what the proper settlement amount is.
  • Coverage Options – We can explore various coverage options your current plan can offer and determine what can be sought out from others involved in the crash.
  • ICBC Communication – You can focus on rehabilitation and leave the ICBC communications and negations to Ng Sidhu Law. We have experience dealing with their adjusters and their processes.
  • Courtroom Representation – Most ICBC car accident and injury claims are settled outside of the court. Though, if your case receives a court date, the professionals at Ng Sidhu are more than happy to present the strongest case possible in the Court of British Columbia.

Work with a professional ICBC lawyer from Ng Sidhu Law to ensure that your claim is professionally managed and that you are left with the highest possible injury compensation. Car accident injury lawyers can help to assess the damages and reach a settlement that is a fair compensation for injuries endured.