Divorce & Seperation Lawyer

For many people, separation can be a painful and confusing process. Disagreements over child custody, support payments and property division spiral into exhausting war of attrition. Entrenched positions on both sides prevent a reasonable settlement, and the parties, wisely or unwisely, march off into trial. For other people, divorce is a mutual decision, made after much discussion about the pros and cons with one another. In these situations, the parties have often already made an informal agreement. They want their lawyers to respect their agreement and work out the remaining issues smoothly and efficiently. (The lawyers, of course, must also protect the interests of their respective clients.)


At Ng Sidhu, we have experience in dealing with many types of family law cases. We have dealt with amicable divorces and acrimonious divorces. dealing with very simple cases to very complex cases, including cases with international elements, such as spouses, companies, land and money in Asia. We also have experience dealing with cases involving a criminal law component (e.g. a simultaneous criminal matter). As such, whatever your family situation may be, we can help you move through the difficult and often confusing process of separation and divorce.