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Driving Offences Lawyer

If you have an abundance of traffic violation and driving tickets contact Ng Sidhu Law, We defend our clients against traffic tickets and driving offences, making sure they get proper representation to mitigate the severity of the demeanours and cost. We have and abundance of references and precedents to help support your case, with police training manuals, and a collection of police documentation that we use to help defend our clients. Contact us if you are in need of a driving offence lawyer.


At Ng & Sidhu, we deal with a wide variety of driving offenses, including:

– Immediate roadside prohibitions
– Administrative roadside prohibitions
– Driving while prohibited
– Impaired driving
– Traffic violations

and others. We understand the significant disruption that a driving prohibition can create in a person’s life. We will help you overturn or shorten your driving prohibition, so that you can drive again as quickly as possible.