Future Care Cost Compensation

If you have been involved in an accident you may need support beyond the date of your settlement. Injuries can have a long term effect on individuals and can linger for an extended period. A Future Care Cost award is available to clients who have been involved in an accident and require long term care or special long term accommodations.
Our office works with North America’s top medical and rehabilitation specialists. These professionals provide a detailed prognosis to assist with a continued treatment plan. We try to ensure our clients are well taken care of during and after their claim.


Our legal team engages in personal injury law and ICBC legal claims. We help our clients determine their future medical costs associated with their injuries and fight to get them the compensation and settlement they need and deserve. It can often be challenging to determine the costs of future care, that is why we work with Vancouver’s top medical and rehabilitation specialist, so we can allocate proper value and help our clients get the compensation they need. Contact us before speaking with your ICBC representative.