Future Earning Capacity

Loss of Future Earning Capacity is an award for damages incurred as a result of the inability to preform your job in the future as well as the hindrance on the progression of your career. Your injuries may leave you unable to perform your occupational duties which is especially frequent for those in a labour related trade. The injuries incurred may cause you to retire early or may prevent you from advancing to a higher level position. This also holds true for those who are currently studying a specific trade or field and as a result of their injuries their career prospects are limited. If you require the services of a personal injury lawyer contact Ng Sidhu Law, we provide ICBC claim council and personal injury law in Surrey, Vancouver & lower mainland BC communities.


Awards for Loss of Future Earning Capacity are complex and the assistance of a personal injury lawyer is highly recommended. ICBC is likely to fight these claims, however, our legal team will assess your future capacity claim and put forth an effective argument. Individuals who deal with ICBC without proper legal support and guidance are commonly unfairly compensated for their Loss of Future Earning Capacity settlement. Contact us for a free future earning capacity case evaluation.