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Hiring A Good Lawyer To Deal With The ICBC

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A personal injury claim has to be filed with the ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) following any accidents in British Columbia. The success of your claim and the value of compensation you receive from the ICBC will depend on your ability to properly present your damages within the parameters of the law. To enjoy such success, it is important that you hire a quality lawyer. Here are some important tips to watch out for when seeking the right lawyer.

Field Experience

A lawyer lacking experience in handling personal injury claims can screw up your claim – regardless of how good they ordinarily are. If a lawyer lacks experience or training in handling personal injury cases with the ICBC, you can always tell them to refer you to an experienced lawyer in the field. Many experienced lawyers in the field restrict their practice strictly to personal injury claims and are versed in its procedures and prosecutorial practices in the Supreme Court.

Lawyers Under Agreement with the ICBC

Some lawyers have signed agreements with the ICBC under a “strategic alliance” agreement. These agreements require them to refrain from participating in any claims against the ICBC, in order to act in the ICBC’s best interest. Lawyers who work for the ICBC not only face a conflict of interest, they are also under obligation not to bring a “claim of bad faith” against the ICBC. Such lawyers will be a poor choice for your personal injury claims.

Lawyer Accreditation

There is no special accreditation process for lawyers that deal with claims against the ICBC. Indeed, the laws guiding British Columbia allow any lawyer registered as a member of the BC Bar, who is in good standing with the Bar to take on a personal injury case on your behalf. It is important that this lawyer is registered with the BC Bar as lawyers outside of British Columbia are restricted from taking on cases of personal injury claims in British Columbia.

Whether you have arrived the province of British Columbia as a tourist, or you actually reside there, it is important that you file your injury claims within the provided deadlines for insurance or tort claims. Book a free consultation with a reputable lawyer such as NG SIDHU LAW firm and have a face-to-face meeting with them before hiring them to help you out with your case before the deadline. Be sure to do this before leaving the district if you are a tourist.