Hit & Run Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident where the at-fault party flees the scene without exchanging information, this will be classified as a hit and run by ICBC. Hit and run cases requires a person to take certain steps to protect their claim for damages. The law in British Columbia allows you to file a legal claim for compensation where there is an unidentified driver. Because the law surrounding hit and run cases requires certain steps to be made, you should consult with a lawyer given the complex issues that may arise.


Ng Sidhu is a professional personal injury law firm. As experienced lawyers we can help advise you on how to approach the unique situations of hit & run accidents. Our law firm will canvas the accident scene and collect as much information as needed to properly represent our clients and their case. If you have a basic description of the vehicle or individual we can work with ICBC and the local police to help determine the identity of the perpetrator.


After a hit & run accident there can be substantial injuries to the victim. Out side of the damages and financial burden associated with a hit and run accident the ICBC can often neglect to provide the necessary treatment needed to properly rehabilitate the victim and their injuries. At Ng Sidhu, we represent our clients to ensure they receive the care they need from the ICBC after their hit and run accident.

Hit & Run Injuries

We will make sure we will represent our clients in the full capacity, ensuring they not only get the proper compensation for their hit & run damages, but also get the treatment and rehabilitation necessary to properly heal their physical and emotional injuries. Our law firm has extensive experience dealing with Hit and Run Accidents.

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The complexity of brain damages is incomparable, and the impact on a person and their loved ones can be devastating.

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Chronic pain can be a huge distraction to the bearer, we make sure your discomfort is compensated.

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Get reimbursement for the short-term and long-term damages associated with broken bones.

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Direct and indirect spinal and back injury can lead to not only discomfort but lack of mobility. Get representation to compensate.

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Neck injuries associated with whiplash and tissue damage can lead to ongoing pain and discomfort, get proper treatment.

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Our extensive professional network of medical and rehabilitation professionals can help the healing process, ensuring your recovery.