ICBC Collision Claims & Auto Accident Claims

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If you live in BC and were involved in a car crash, auto accident or you had to deal with extensive damage to your vehicle chances are you will deal with the ICBC. Even if your car was damaged through vandalism your claim goes through the ICBC. If you do have a claim or settlement with the ICBC you need to start making a Steps In The ICBC Collision Claim as fast as possible. While creating this type of claim can be tricky, the team at Ng Sidhu Law is here to help you find the right way to handle any situation involving ICBC.

ICBC Collision Claims

You will need to get ICBC collision coverage if you want to receive coverage for your car repairs. In order to create such a claim, you need to first report the claim by phone or online. Then you have to talk with the adjusters and let them know what happened. You will get an estimate of the damage, and then you will get the vehicle fixed. You will have to pay a deductible, but this is not required all the time. If you have more than 25% at fault, you will need to pay more for insurance unless you have a claim free, long record.

ICBC Injury Claims

If you need to create an ICBC Collision Claim that pertains to injuries, you will have to report the claim, tell the company what happened and then you have to opt for the best possible treatment. Only after that will you be able to get your vehicle fixed adequately.

Glass or Windshield Repair Claims

If you have comprehensive coverage, you will be covered by this. In case only a piece of glass is damaged, you should go to the Glass Expert Facility. If there are more pieces of glass, you have to report the problem, and you will get your car fixed.

Auto Theft Claims

This is when the ICBC Collision Claim is very helpful. The idea here is that you have to report to the local police, then you have to report the claim via phone or online. Of course, you will have to arrange for other means of transportation, and you will need to speak to the adjuster as well. In case the vehicle is not found, the ICBC will start the process of determining a fair market value for your car. If your car is found, you need to let the adjuster know that. ICBC will estimate the damage, you will shop for car repairs, and you will have to pay a deductible if necessary.

Auto Equipment Theft Claims

There are situations when auto equipment is stolen. If that happens, you first need to report the situation to the local police; then you have to report the claim via phone or online. You will have to share a proof of theft, and you will receive an estimate of damage. You will then need to speak to the adjuster, get the vehicle fixed and you can pay a deductible.

If you need help to file and ICBC claim and handle the ICBC claim process, these steps will be able to help you navigate your claim. If you live in Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Vancouver or another Lower Mainland BC community and require the services of a professional ICBC lawyer contact Ng Sidhu Law.