ICBC Lawyer White Rock

If you live in White Rock, BC and require the services of a professional ICBC personal injury lawyer to help navigate your ICBC claim contact Ng Sidhu Law. When a car accident occurs in White Rock or other British Columbia communities the crash is reported to the ICBC. If your accident is serious or you were injured in any way, chances are you will require the services of a car accident lawyer to ensure your claim and future settlements are professionally handled.

The ICBC offers universal automotive coverage, driver licensing and vehicle registration services to residents of British Columbia. A common finding with the ICBC is that their settlements and coverage is often misrepresented and lower then required. The ICBC often looks to issue lower, as they are an organization looking for their best interest.

If you have issues with the ICBC or are going to file a personal injury claim, contact a personal injury or ICBC claim lawyer to represent your needs. At Ng Sidhu, our team has experience communicating and negotiating with the ICBC on behalf of our clients. If you have been in an accident and require representation contact us, we offer free case reviews and don’t receive compensation unless we achieve results in your case.

ICBC Claim Mistakes

When you are dealing with the ICBC avoid making these common mistakes. A professional lawyer can prevent these common ICBC mistakes.

  • Forgoing A Doctor Visit – Attending doctor appointments after your case is important for both your health and your case. The doctor’s notes and records will be reviewed by the ICBC and can act as evidence of your injuries.
  • Wait Too Long To File A Claim – Most personal injury claims can be filed up to two years after the incident. Though, several factors can lessen the statute. Make sure you contact legal representation immediately after your accident to avoid and limitation dates.
  • Fear of Going To Court – Some individuals forgo filing a claim or contacting a lawyer for fear of going to court. The large majority of ICBC cases will be settled outside of the court through legal negotiations and investigations.
  • Lacking Contact Information – We understand the scene of the crash is a stressful environment. Still, contact and insurance information, as well as the licence plate of other drivers involved needs to be collected. Also, the contact information of any witnesses involved needs to be obtained.

Legal professionals can help make sure you don’t make any serious mistakes and that all your proceedings are filed well before any limitation dates.

What ICBC Lawyers Can Do For You

An experienced ICBC Lawyer can help with each step involved with your ICBC claims.

  • Lawyers can help limit your assessment attendance requirements, with ICBC medical assessments.
  • Lawyers can draw on large professional networks and can research your case to develop a full and complete understanding of your claim’s validity.
  • Lawyers can argue that the medical assessment must also be used in the tort claim.
  • Lawyers have access to a network of professional experts witnesses that can help prove your claim.
  • Lawyers can work with you so that no mistakes are made and can prepare you for any Examinations of Discovery or for any court appearances.

At Ng Sidhu Law, we are here to provide these services, along with many others to hep you receive the settlement you need and deserve. Contact Ng Sidhu Law today for more information. We proudly service White Rock, Surrey, Vancouver and other lower mainland BC communities. If you require a personal injury lawyer in White Rock or a professional ICBC Lawyer contact Ng Sidhu Law for a free case evaluation.