Common ICBC Claim Mistakes

Reaching a settlement for an ICBC claim does not happen overnight. An injury claim involving the ICBC can take many months to effectively inspect the situation, and assess the severity of damages. An ICBC claim involves communication with all parties involved in the accident, to negotiate a proper case settlement. The process of negotiation is often best done with a personal injury lawyer or ICBC specialist. Some ICBC cases can last much longer if they require court, some ICBC claims have taken years to reach a settlement. Errors in behaviour, misinforming the involved parties can lead to serious issues in processing the claim. Trying to navigate your claims without the services of a professional ICBC lawyer can lead to an unfair settlement or improper evaluation.

The ICBC provides legal settlements to people who were injured in an accident, the goal of an ICBC agent is to reach a settlement that has as little as possible loss to the organization. An ICBC lawyers job is to make sure that their client gets the most from their settlement and receives the reimbursement they deserve current, as well as future needs are taken care of with fair compensation. An injury lawyer that has experience working with the ICBC and ICBC claim disputes can ensure their clients have a legal understanding and fair/fast settlement.

Common ICBC Mistakes

1. Signing ICBC Forms

When you have a vehicle collision in BC you are only obligated to report the accident and then fill out the forms or Accident Benefit Claim. This applies for Part 7 “No Fault Benefits”. When an accident occurs you are not obligated to meet with an ICBC adjuster or provide any signed statements. If you provide a signed statement the statement can later be used during the claim negotiation process. The use of the statement can show misspoken words or other suspicious facts that can scrutinize the case or lessen your claim legitimacy and settlement amount. In the event a statement is required, you are able to post the settlement with your lawyer and cohesively draft a signed statement for the ICBC. Consulting with a lawyer helps to prevent what you say being used against your case.

2. Not Seeing A Doctor

After a vehicle accident it is recommended that you see your doctor. Regular doctor visits and consultations provide evidence that you are following the doctor’s  recommendations proving the severity of the injury. If you neglect consulting with a physician, the ICBC can question the seriousness of the injury. If you are injured ensure you keep up with your doctor visits.

4. Misfiling Medical Receipts

The ICBC covers the cost of your physiotherapy, medical, surgical and other treatments. The ICBC will only offer reimbursement if you have receipts. Misfiling these receipts or medical invoices can lead to a serious decline in your settlement, and will probably lead to the medical expenses becoming out of pocket.

5. Discussing The Situation Online

The use of social media should be limited during the ICBC claim process, posting about your injury or showcasing images can damage your claim and settlement. Pictures or information you post about the ability to experience your day-to-day life or recreational hobbies can force your claim or personal injuries seem significantly less severe. The ICBC often looks through a victims social media history and use any relevant information against the case. If you are continuing to use social media during the settlement ensure you have the highest level of privacy settings during the duration of the ICBC claim.

6. Lying To Your Doctor Or Attorney

When navigating your ICBC claim make sure you are always honest. Lying to your attorney, doctor or the ICBC can get the case dismissed and have serious ramifications. Misleading your medical physician can result in wrong treatment or medications. Lying to the ICBC, ICBC representative or your lawyer can damage the claim/dispute leading to the claim being dismissed due to lack of legitimacy. Lying about your injuries, the accident or the following incidents can put your claim and health at risk.

There are a number of ICBC mistakes that an ICBC lawyer can  help prevent. If you are hurt in an accident it is recommended that you seek legal council and the assistance of an ICBC lawyer to ensure you get the settlement you deserve.