ICBC Accident Benefits

Have you or your relatives been in an accident while in British Columbia? Anyone involved in an accident in BC is entitled to ICBC accident benefits, also called Part 7 benefits. These are ‘no fault’ benefits that you are entitled to even if you were at fault for the accident. 

ICBC Accident Benefits Include

  • Medical benefits: These include benefits to cover expenses for medication, physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care and psychological counselling
  • Income loss benefits: These cover lost income, generally calculated at $300 after the first week of the accident. These benefits are awarded after exhausting Expenses Incurred (EI) benefits.  Income loss benefits are awarded for the first 2 years after an accident if you are unable to do your job or any job that you would otherwise qualify for, before the accident. Homemakers are eligible for $145 if they are unable to do housework
  • Rehabilitation benefits: These cover costs to help an accident victim adapt to his/her new circumstances. These would cover attendant care and home modification costs. This also covers expenses incurred for occupational therapy to give a victim new job skills.
  • Death benefits: These cover funeral expenses and other financial expenses.

Filing For ICBC Accident Benefits

In case to be eligible for Part 7 benefits, you must fulfill 3 conditions:

  • Report the accident to the ICBC
  • Provide the ICBC with a written report of the accident and your injuries within 30 days of the accident
  • Provide the ICBC with a proof of claim within 90 days of the accident

You should file your ICBC accident benefits claim within 2 years of the accident, otherwise, they could be lost. This should be done even in the case of children victims.

Why Choose Ng Sidhu Law?

It is highly advisable that you contact an ICBC lawyer if you have been in an accident. A lawyer is able to educate you on your rights so that you do not give information or sign documents that would be detrimental to your claims. With an ICBC personal injury lawyer, you are able to follow all the right procedures, file all the required documentation, and give information as it is required. 

The ICBC will typically send you to one of their doctors or adjusters to examine you and make a report of your physical injuries, and make recommendations. You should know what the doctor can and cannot ask during the examination. 

An ICBC accident benefits lawyer is also very useful in case the ICBC has cut off your benefits for not following the recommended medical procedures. The lawyer will fight it when your benefits are cut off unfairly. If you require an ICBC lawyer in Surrey, Abbotsford, Delta or other lower mainland BC communities contact Ng Sidhu Law.