ICBC Claim Process

Every personal injury claim, starts with an injury. With ICBC claims, these injuries are sourced from automotive collisions. The ICBC sees around 270,000 accident claims each year.

The claims process actually starts the moment the collision occurs, as there is vital information to obtain. Don’t go forward with speaking with an ICBC adjuster, before contacting a legal professional. Seeking medical assistance and attending your doctor appointments is a key aspect of the ICBC claim process.

At Ng Sidhu Law, we are here from the initial phone call, to the closure of the case, assisting with each step of your ICBC claim process. 

Step 1. On Site

Your first concern is of course, your safety and the safety of others involved. Though immediately after a traffic collision, there are some key steps to take in order to protect your rights. First, exchange information regarding the other driver’s licence numbers, licence plate information, phone numbers, and addresses. Collect contact information from any witnesses. Photograph the accident site and the vehicle damages.  Obtaining all this information helps prepare you for any legal disputes or future ICBC conversations.

Step 2. Legal Representation

Contact a lawyer after leaving the accident site. Speaking with a legal professional before the ICBC is key to making sure your case is not damaged or that you aren’t taken advantage of with early and limited settlement offers. At Ng Sidhu Law, we do not charge any initial fees and fully understand what information is to be shared with the ICBC and what information is strictly private. Many car accident claims can be filed up to two years after the incident, though there are several considerations that can shorten this statute so it is important to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible after the crash.

Step. 3 Medical Aide

When you are up to it, seek medical aide. Consult a doctor and discuss any issues, aches or pains that have resulted from the accident. Even small pains can be signs of or can lead to large issues or illnesses. You keep yourself safe by having a medical assessment after you are in a car accident. For your personal injury claim, you doctor’s notes and or treatments can act as evidence of injuries. The doctor assessment also provides insight to the injuries you are facing, and the required treatments, which helps define the settlement amount. The ICBC will likely send a separate doctor to provide an assessment.

Step 4. Legal Action

Once you have had initial discussions with the ICBC and a settlement offer has been provided you can either accept the offer or file a personal injury legal suit. This legal action launches a network of investigations and communication between the ICBC and your legal team. At Ng Sidhu Law, we have years of professional ICBC claim experience that arms us with the ability to successfully handle your ICBC claim.

Step 5. Expert Witness

Utilising the knowledge and statements of expert witnesses helps prove your claim.  For example, an economic expert can help argue that the amount offered by the ICBC is not enough to support your lifestyle requirements. A mechanical engineer can discuss the impacts of faulty vehicle parts and or road conditions. A medical professional can firmly state how your injuries will impact you for years to come. Words from experts in their respective fields can persuade the ICBC to accept your sought after compensation or can create high levels of claim legitimacy in the eyes of a courtroom.

Step 6. Examination For Discovery

You are the only individual who is able to completely grasp every way that your injury will impact you and for how long you will be facing these impacts. To understand your feelings about the injuries, the ICBC can call you in for a thorough and under oath conversation. This is called your Examination for Discovery. At Ng Sidhu Law, we will help prepare you for this conversation and will sit with you while the examination occurs to ensure that no inappropriate questions are asked.

Step 7. Negotiations

The various communications we have with the ICBC on your behalf will all be aimed at negotiating your claim and ICBC accident benefits. We can discuss various findings as well as meet with ICBC representatives on your behalf. After fully understanding the incident and your injuries, we can negotiate a fair settlement offer for your losses and will not stop until you have received what you deserve. Settlements can also be achieved through mediation, which is where a third-party is hired to reach the settlement.

Step 8. Trial

The vast majority of ICBC personal injury claims reach a settlement before trial. If your case cannot reach a fair settlement offer, you may need to proceed to trial. If the case requires a court date you as well as any witness are fully prepared and briefed for the upcoming events. At Ng Sidhu Law, we prepare for every possibility or new finding to ensure that there are no unwanted surprises that come about.