Tips For A Successful ICBC Claim

Have you suffered personal injury in an auto accident? If so, you have the right to claim compensation. It is very likely that the compensation claim will go to ICBC, the biggest insurer in British Columbia. Our team of lawyers who are experts on ICBC claims say that many people are not adequately compensated because they lack legal counsel when making the claims. The ICBC will appoint an adjuster to look at your claim and settle it as quickly and cheaply as possible. You could receive inadequate compensation if you don’t have good legal counsel. Our lawyers have the following ICBC claim tips to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

When in an accident

The immediate concern is getting medical attention. If you are not hurt, remain at the scene until a police officer arrives. You should collect as much information as possible about the accident and those involved. This involves taking photos of the accident scene, writing down personal details of the other driver and any passengers, noting the name of the police officer at the scene and any other witnesses. You should not discuss fault with anyone.

After the accident

Preserve all the evidence as it will be very handy when making the claim. You should beware of early settlement offers which you will get if the insurance company thinks it can avoid a heftier compensation. It is also highly advisable not to talk to anyone about the accident without legal counsel. Whatever you say could be self-incriminating and used to build a case against your claim. It is important that you engage a lawyer as fast as possible. The lawyer will collect more evidence and witnesses for your case.

Is my claim eligible?

One of the little known ICBC claim tips is that ICBC has a ‘no faults policy.’ This means that you are eligible for compensation even when you are wholly or partly at fault. Of course, this will depend on how well your lawyer argues the case. Our team of ICBC lawyers have wide experience in these kinds of claims. If your claim is eligible you may be entitled to ICBC accident benefits, and working with an ICBC lawyer can ensure you get the full value of the damages the you incurred. 

How much worth is my claim?

There is no formula for calculating personal risk compensation. The compensation is done to restore you to a position equal to where you were before the accident. Some of the factors that weigh on the compensation claim include:

  • Extent of the injuries
  • The impact of the injuries on work, social and recreational activities
  • Out of pocket medical expenses 
  • Quality of evidence 
  • Limits of the insurance cover

Our lawyers are able to handle different ICBC accident claims including: