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Why You Need a Lawyer for ICBC Claims

You do not need a lawyer to assert compensation for an injury or to search for no fault benefits. Conversely, in many situations, it is strongly recommended. As a general rule, the more grave your injuries are and the greater their impact on your life, the greater the need is to seek legal advice from an experienced ICBC personal injury lawyer. There is not anything in the law that needs you to hire a lawyer when dealing with ICBC or even when you go to court. However, if you select not to hire a lawyer or seek legal advice, it is essential that you make an informed decision. When you are concerned in a crash, ICBC will allocate an adjuster to your file. The adjuster works together for you (for your personal injury claim) and alongside you (for your vehicle damage repairs claim and rehabilitation benefits claim). That is why nearly all ICBC claims lawyers say that it is very important to see representation of a lawyer before dealing with ICBC yourself. After all, the job of a personal injury lawyer is to defend your interests. Personal injury lawyers consider so strongly that it is important to consult with a professional before dealing with the ICBC. At Ng Sidhu Law, our ICBC Lawyer provides free, no-obligation consultations to people who have been injured or have been in an accident. In most cases, a personal injury lawyer who specializes in ICBC claims can help the client reach a higher settlement and compensation for the injured victim. Not every ICBC case involves a lawyer, and it is our obligation to you to advise you of that. That is why we offer free, no-obligation consultations, to help you choose whether or not a lawyer is right for you on the particulars of your particular case.

When you approach a BC motor vehicle collision claim, either with an ICBC Personal Injury Lawyer or other professional and experienced representation it is important to work with an individual who is able to represent your best interests and is aware of your situation. At Ng Sidhu Law, you can be certain your case will be represented from start to finish by a knowledgeable car accident lawyer with years of expertise litigating ICBC Claims. The ICBC adjuster works for ICBC and situates for the driver at fault for the crash. The adjuster has a compulsion to his or her employer to keep personal injury payouts low and each adjuster is subject to supervision and audit to ensure those settlements are low. Keep in mind that it is in ICBC’s best interests to keep you away from a lawyer.

You do not have to assemble with an adjuster, but if you are the driver of a motor vehicle, you will have to present ICBC with some information, including a statement regarding the crash. If you are making a claim for personal injury it may be essential to provide ICBC with a statement and other in order. Because this declaration may be used against you at a later date if it is imprecise, it is important that it is ready with the help of your lawyer.