Legal Fee Compensation

Our legal fees are based on a contingency fee agreement. What is a contingency fee agreement? It is an agreed percentage that the lawyer receives once settlement has been achieved. This also means that if we do not win then you do not pay.
Our firms primary goal is your rehabilitation and recovery. Our secondary goal is help substantiate your claim and maxmize your compensation. While no monetary value can be placed on your health and wellness we try our best to minimize the hardships you have endured. We provide free consultations and assessments. Give us a call, visit our offices or we can meet you at a more convenient location.


At Ng Sidhu, our law firm has knowledge and experience dealing with Personal Injury claims and Personal Injury Law. Over the years we have established a vast network of medical practitioners and financial experts that can aid in the rehabilitation of our clients. While our clients focus on their recovery we fight for them, their case and their settlement. Getting them fair compensation for their pain and suffering.