Pain & Suffering Compensation

Pain and suffering damages is a monetary award for the hardships you have endured as a result of your physical injuries and mental trauma. It is compensation for the present and future deterioration of your quality of life. When determining this award ICBC looks at how your injuries have negatively affected your professional, social, family and day to day activities. Each case is unique as every individual leads a different life style and sustains different injuries.

Individuals who deal with ICBC and ICBC claims without a lawyer are commonly unfairly compensated for the pain and suffering they have gone through. At Ng Sidhu, we engages as ICBC Lawyers and our team investigates your claim while learning about you as an individual. We fully assess how your life has been altered by the injury and ensure a just value is awarded.



Ng Sidhu has experience representing clients in the Vancouver area receive proper compensation for their pain and suffering. Our firms primary goal is the rehabilitation and recovery of our clients. Our secondary goal is to substantiate the claim and maximize the compensation received for our clients. While no monetary value can be placed on your health and wellness, Pain and Suffering awards are one way we minimize the hardships you have endured. We provide free consultations and assessments. Give us a call, visit our offices or we can meet you at a more convenient location.