Car Accident Passenger Lawyer

Many passengers are unaware that if they are in a motor vehicle accident and their driver is at fault they can still take steps to open a claim towards their injuries and hardships. Do not worry if the driver may be someone close to you, ICBC is financially responsible and will cover the costs of your recovery. At Ng Sidhu Law, we assist with our clients injury claims and insure they get what is owed to them in compensation and reimbursement. Contact us for a free case evaluation!


If you have been the passenger in a motor vehicle accident and you have sustained injuries, the rehabilitation and recovery is covered by the ICBC. The ICBC often does not meet the required medical needs an individual requires, at Ng Sidhu we help our clients get get the treatment and coverage they need to properly recover from their injuries. Our network of medical and rehabilitation experts can help you recover properly, while we work to get you the settlement you deserve. Contact us today for a free case evaluation!

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Passenger Injuries

Ng Sidhu has spent years helping the people in Vancouver, Surrey & Lower Mainland BC get the treatment and settlement they deserve from their personal injuries. We have knowledge on passenger injuries, and have helped our clients reach a settlement. If you have been an injured passenger in a motor vehicle accident contact us. We can help get the reimbursement you need from he ICBC.

Brain Injury

If you have sustained a brain injury as a passenger contact us for a free evaluation.

Brian Injury

Chronic Pain

Chronic pain from a car accident is emotionally and physically crippling, contact us today.

Chronic Pain

Broken Bones

Broken bones have long terms and short term side effects, make sure you get the treatment you need

Broken Bones

Back & Spinal Injury

Spinal cord damage from direct or indirect while a passenger can have long-term side effects.

Spine Injury

Whiplash & Tissue Damage

Whiplash from a motor vehicle accident can create neck pain and discomfort.



Make sure you heal physically and emotionally from the accident with professional care.