Brain Injury Lawyer

Accidents resulting in brain injuries can lead to long term and serious symptoms. Brain injuries range from a “mild brain injury” with a recovery time of 6 months, to a “severe brain injury” where symptoms can remain for the duration of one’s lifetime. Each person’s brain injury is unique and will present different challenges. It is important that you seek medical attention right away. Suffering a brain injury can have many adverse effects on a person’s social, family and work life.

After a brain injury or brain trauma a persons life can change instantly. Recovery from a such an injury can take years, if it even happens at all. At Ng Sidhu we fight for our clients with brain injury, as they fight to get better and recover. The last thing our clients need to worry about while dealing with a brain injury is the legalities and the compensation. We have helped clients receive reimbursement for their brain injuries, while offering access to medical specialists through our professional network. Trust our personal injury law team to help get your maximum settlement and proper care from the ICBC.


The aftermath of a brain injury or brain trauma can be catastrophic and the costs associated with medical care and loss of income can be unbearable. At Ng Sidhu we help our clients reach legal settlements to compensate for the damages they have in-sewed. If you or a loved one have been burdened with the effects of a brain injury from an accident please contact us for a free legal evaluation, we can assist with the compensation of wage loss, pain and suffering and associated medical expenses.


The ICBC is an organization that frequently does not have the victims best interest at mind. The priority of the ICBC is to close your case quickly and for the lowest amount of money, this can cause negligent or improper care. The ICBC often pressures the victim to sign statements or provide access to medical records. Before speaking with the ICBC, we recommend talking with a brain or personal injury lawyer who specializes in ICBC claims.