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Personal Injury Lawyer Delta

Have you incurred some form of personal injury? A serious injury cannot only leave individuals impaired for extended periods of time, but their rehabilitation and immediate care costs could be astronomical. You shouldn’t have to face the fees in your time of need.

If your injury involved motor vehicles, you will likely have to go through an ICBC claims process as well as a settlement negotiation. Other sources of personal injury can require extensive legal procedures and negotiations in order to receive a truly fair settlement. Professional legal service can help with your personal injury disputes and ICBC claims needs.

At Ng Sidhu Law, we specialise personal injury law and have years of professional experience with the ICBC claims process as well as with ICBC disputes. We can make sure you remain informed through each step of your legal process. We are here to fully represent your needs and make sure you are properly compensated for the harm you are required to face. If you require the services of a personal injury lawyer in Delta or a ICBC lawyer in Delta contact Ng Sidhu Law for a free case evaluation.

Types Of Personal Injuries

A variety of personal injury sources and direct impacts can be filed as a personal injury claim. When people consider what “type” of injury has occurred, they are referring to the source of the injury. These are 5 common sources of personal injuries:
Another aspect of the situation that is referred to, as the “type” of injury is the direct physical harm faced as a result. Some forms of these injury classifications are:

ICBC Claims

When your personal injury claims involve a motor vehicle collision, you will likely need to file the claim through the ICBC. The ICBC works to provide universal vehicle coverage for all British Columbia citizens. Though, like any business, the ICBC looks to earn a profit. One way this is done is by minimising your settlement. Adjusters deplete your settlement value in an effort to decrease the overall costs faced by the ICBC. The ICBC tends to neglect aspects of emotional and future harm. Working with a professional personal injury lawyer ensures that you will not be taken advantage of and that you will receive the settlement you deserve.

Advantages A Personal Injury Lawyer

Working with personal injury lawyer can mean the difference in months of claim processing times and thousands of settlement dollars. These are 4 key benefits to working with an experienced attorney.
  • Claim Valuation – Lawyers can fully assess what a claim like yours should be worth. Past case examples, settlement calculation tools and years of experience help lawyers define the value of your settlement.
  • Experience With The Legal Process – From form filing dates to confusing processes, going through the entire claims process can be difficult and lead to serious legal issues. Woking with an experienced lawyer makes sure all deadlines are met and that you are never taken advantage of.
  • Get A Higher Settlement – Lawyers can find details and incorporate expert assessments to find aspects and details of the injury that the ICBC may look to omit in the settlement claim. Addressing every specific aspect of the situation often leads to much higher settlement valuations.
  • Trial – Most personal injury claims are settled before they see a courtroom. Though, if for any reason your case has to go to court, your lawyer not only comes prepared, they prepare you and any other witnesses of the trial for questions and are present during every courtroom proceedings to ensure you not misguided or proposed and unlawful or unfair questions.
As a minimal effort, schedule an initial meeting or consultation with a lawyer. At Ng Sidhu Law, we are happy to offer free initial case reviews and client consultations.

Personal Injury Lawyer Misconceptions

2 major misconceptions about personal injury lawyers exist to persuade a number of individuals to forgo legal advice and assistance. Frist, people believe that hiring a lawyer is expensive. Though in truth, lawyers often offer free initial case reviews and base their pay around your claim’s success. At Ng Sidhu, we don’t get paid until you receive your deserved personal injury compensation. Secondly, individuals often worry that hiring a lawyer commits them to court. A lawyer works to investigate and negotiate with all parties involved to reach a settlement outside of the courtroom. Truthfully less than 15% of Canadian personal injury claims go to court.