Personal Injury Lawyer Langley

After you have been in an accident, the best thing that you can do is try as best as you can to get back to your normal life. However, the stress of it all, as well as consolidating medical bills can make it hard to recover quickly. Furthermore, injuries can deprive you of your of ability to make a living, further making it more difficult to survive.

In an ideal world, if you are injured through the fault of another individual, the person responsible should give you injury compensation for your troubles. Sadly, things do not always work out as they should. which is why you should consider seeking the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. If you have been in a car accident or other form of motor transport accident in Langley, BC contact Ng Sidhu Law and talk with a personal injury lawyer in Langley.

A personal injury lawyer can be your support system and he or she can guide you through the process of receiving the compensation that you deserve. Sometimes all you need is advice on how to go about the ICBC claim process. However, in most cases, you need a reliable and experienced personal injury lawyer Langley that can fight for you and help you get back to or as close to as you were before the accident while receiving the compensation you deserve.

Do Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Langley?

Technically, you are not required by law to seek the professional help of a personal injury lawyer. You can do all the work and handle the necessary paperwork yourself as well as represent yourself in court. However, if you do not know what you are doing, your chances of winning are a lot lower and the risk of losing proper compensation or a settlement decreases.

Accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers have the knowledge and the experience to go up against large auto insurance companies and the ICBC. Insurance firms like the ICBC will also most probably have access to an expert team of lawyers, as they try to retain as much money as possible. Thankfully, our attorney’s at Ng Sidhu Law have expert knowledge of the BC laws and procedural rules and we are able to do all the legwork as you concentrate on recovery.

You Should Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer If

  • Your medical bills are out of control.
  • Suffer from debilitating or severe injuries that make it impossible to function.
  • Your livelihood has been impacted as a result of the accident.

Determining Compensation

Generally, the amount of compensation that you will receive will be determined by:
  • The severity and the type of injuries that you have sustained.
  • The amount of time or duration it will take you to recover or at least get back to work.
  • The cost of your bills or any other procedures you might need to aid your recovery. You might also have to factor in your estimated future medical bills.