Personal Injury Lawyer in Surrey

Have you experienced a serious personal injury? Your personal injury case will be an in-depth and extensive process. Defining your injury compensation, understanding your case as well as further ICBC and opposing firm communications and more are all involved in a Surrey personal injury case.

ICBC claims can offer less compensation than is truly required. Professional lawyers can help you get the settlement you need for your immediate and future requirements.

At Ng Sidhu Law, we offer complimentary case reviews and only receive fees after you receive results. We have the legal understanding and local expertise to best represent your needs. Contract Ng Sidhu law with your Surry personal injury legal needs today.

ICBC Injury Settlements

The ICBC was established in 1973 and works to provide universal insurance for B.C. motorists. Though, the ICBC holds a priority to settle your claim with as little costs as possible. This can be done by providing you with an adjuster to you and offer a claim that only offers partial treatment for your needs, or by using your statements against you in the future claims process. Do not consult with the ICBC or make a claim about your personal injury without first talking to a lawyer. Professional attorneys or a ICBC Personal Injury Lawyer can fully assess the facts and surroundings of your case to understand the true settlement requirements your case deserves. If you requires assistance with your ICBC settlements contact Ng Sidhu Law for a free case evaluation.

Personal Injury Compensation Factors

A number of factors are considered when determining the scope of your injury and the respective compensation. 6 of the factors that determine ICBC claim compensation are:

  • Legal Fees – The legal fees you incur while battling for your settlement need to be fully covered in the settlement amount.
  • Pain & Suffering – The settlement is meant to provide compensation for your time of suffering as well as personal pain.
  • Wage Loss – If you are left unable to work, your settlement covers the wages lost.
  • Future Earning Capacity – If your future earnings will be sacrificed by this injury, through loss of experience or physical limitations, your settlement will take that into account.
  • Future Care Cost – Future care requirements and medical needs will be covered in your settlement total.
  • Pocket Expenses – We are here to make sure your out-of-pocket injury-related expenses are fully reimbursed.

Mistakes With An ICBC Claim

When choosing a personal injury lawyer in Surrey there are a number of things to take into consideration. In BC most accident claims are handled by the ICBC, which require the services of an ICBC lawyer. When choosing your Surrey personal injury lawyer consider the following.

  • Experience – Consider the experience of the firm and of the lawyers at the firm. At Ng Sidhu Law, we have years of professional expertise handling a number of ICBC cases.
  • ICBC Relationship – Your ICBC dispute lawyer should not work fir the ICBC in any way.
  • Communication – Consider how much the firm will communicate with your and how involved you can be.
  • Fees – Do not overpay for your services. At Ng Sidhu Law, we offer free case evaluations and consultations.
  • Trust – Only commit to working with someone your trust. A legal partnership can last for months and even years.

Surry Personal Injury Law

Personal injury claims in Surrey need to be handled properly. Minor injuries can result in settlements upwards of $6,500 while a major injury can bring up to $15,000. These situations should be handled by professional to ensure your needs are fully represented from start to finish. A misstep in filing or arguing for your claim can lead to serious shortages in your settlement amount. Trust your Surrey Personal Injury legal needs to Ng Sidhu Law. Many of our Surrey Personal Injury do not require a court date and are handled with specified settlement amounts and communication. The experts at Ng Sidhu Law have a full understanding of the Surrey personal injury law and can help with each step of your claim processes.