ICBC Personal Injury Lawyer

We’re aware of ICBC claims. A large number of ICBC and individual injury victims have looked for the assistance of our experienced law group and Surrey personal injury lawyers. At Ng Sidhu Law we have helped numerous clients reach a settlement with their ICBC claims. At Ng Sidhu Law we are proud of our success and the assistance we provide to our clients, you don’t pay us until your dispute is settled. 9 out of 10 of our clients successfully reach a settlement that provides fair compensation for their injuries.

At Ng Sidhu Law, w have never in any way represented ICBC and we have assembled a system of therapeutic, logical and monetary specialists to help our clients with ICBC disputes and challenging cases. Our caring and accomplished team will dependably follow up in the interest of you or a friend or family member.

If or when ICBC denies or defers a policy claim for damage benefits this lessens the genuine feelings of serenity following an auto crash. The ICBC damage claim legal advisors at Ng Sidhu Law battle for the harmed not the ICBC or other insurance agency.

Step by step instructions to decide whether an ICBC Cases Damage Legal advisor is best for Your Case 

ICBC cases could be worth up to $150,000.00 for medical and recovery treatment. In the event that you are 35 years of age, and gave incapacity or are forever crippled by your condition you could receive a settlement of more than $400,000.00 to cover lost pay. There are complex reasonings that must be considered and the procedure should be taken seriously or you could be denied coverage.

Consult an ICBC Claims Attorney If:

  1. ICBC requests that you sign any therapeutic or loss of profit forms;
  2. ICBC solicits, as part from the cases procedure, asking you to sign a statement;
  3. ICBC has not been informed you of your mishap;
  4. ICBC needs you to go to a therapeutic examination;
  5. ICBC would like to pay you an advance rather than benefits.

For all individual damage cases, visit an ICBC lawyer at Ng Sidhu Law for a free discussion and consultation involving your injury and ICBC dispute. When we take your case we will deal with the ICBC adjuster and handle the ICBC  dispute to help relieve the stress of the injury.

Strides in Your ICBC Damage Claim

An ICBC lawyer and legal counselor will professionally layout what steps should be taken. Here are four useful tips for securing your ICBC claim and reaching a settlement:

  1. Open your ICBC claim by getting a record number. You or a friend or family member can call the ICBC’s dial-a claim telephone number in order to report the accident or injury. Know about the threats of giving an ICBC dial-a-guarantee proclamation and read more on ICBC dial a cases.
  2. Appropriately complete ICBC claim forms and other documentation essential, for example, insurance policy applications, testaments of income, short form therapeutic report and so forth. Going to an ICBC claim centre might be needed if you don’t have proper legal representation.
  3. ICBC claims adjusters are required to appropriately explore the incident once a report has been filed. At this time you might be required to go to a specialist before beginning your ICBC claim.
  4. Update the protection information to get further, or maintain your current benefits.

Our ICBC claims attorneys work with you to help navigate your claim and reach a settlement that fairly represents your damages.

At Ng Sidhu Law we are a team of experienced Surrey ICBC lawyers and we will demonstrate extreme care and understanding during your ICBC settlement and claim dispute. Call us today for your free ICBC case evaluation. We provide services for ICBC disputes as well as professional long-term disability lawyer.