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Personal Injury Lawyer White Rock

Have you faced a serious personal injury? Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents or a passenger accident can be very serious and last for years or your entire life. It is important you receive the injury compensation you need to deal with these hardships.

The impacts of a personal injury can vary based on their severity, your lifestyle and your pre-existing conditions. You are the only individual who will grasp the diverse impairments a serious injury will have on your life. Your understanding of the injury can be assessed by the ICBC in what is called an Examination for Discovery.

If you are filing a personal injury claim in White Rock, BC contact Ng Sidhu Law. We have the professional understanding of how to navigate and deal with an ICBC or personal injury claim and the experience working with clients in the area of White Rock & Surrey. We can help communicate with the ICBC, navigate your claim and reach a fair settlement for your hardship and injuries.

White Rock Personal Injury

The severity of the injury will effectively dictate the compensation you need to rehabilitate and overcome the injuries and losses you have sustained. There are 6 key factors to consider when dealing with a personal injury or the ICBC.
  • Property Damages – This section of often reserved for motor vehicle collisions. Expenses incurred due to the damages that vehicle or property has seen.
  • Lost Earnings – Wages lost due to missed work.
  • Future Income Lost  – Ongoing treatments needs that pull you away from work or lacking experience, which resulted in lower than initially projected wages.
  • Future Medical Needs – Any expenses that will be incurred for future medical services.
  • Pain & Suffering – The emotional harm you suffered from the incident.
  • The more serious and long lasting this harm, the larger this section will be.

Types of Personal Injuries

There are numerous personal injuries that can come as a result various incidents. Personal injuries can be classified by their cause and by their symptoms.
  • Cause – Car accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian collisions, passenger accidents, slips & falls and hit &runs can cause personal injuries to occur.
  • Symptoms – Spinal Cord Injury, Brian Injury, Burn Injury, Broken Bones, Amputation Injury and other named harms can classify your personal injury.

Personal Injury Claim Process

Filing a personal injury claim and receiving your settlements will not happen immediately and there are several steps involved in the ICBC claim process. The process varies case to case and person to person, every case is different but the general process includes:
  • Incident – This is the situation that leads to your injury. Make sure that you are able to draw on specifics of the incident and that you retrieve the required contact and licence information from other drivers and witnesses involved.
  • Attorney – When you are able, contact legal representation. If your claim will go through the ICBC, it is recommended that you do this before initially speaking with the ICBC.
  • Medical Aid – Receive all the medical aid and attention you need. Your safety and health are the top priorities. Also, your doctor’s notes are helpful future during any investigations and negotiations.
  • Fact Finding – Your legal team performs in-depth research into the incident. We aim to find the true validity of your case and the compensation you deserve. Your doctor’s notes, past cases and our networks of experts in the relative fields help define these two considerations.
  • Resolution – Many cases are resolved before the trial if a piece of evidence is found that shows clear signs of one party’s increased validity or if a witness is no longer reachable. A motion to dismiss asks the court to release the case and the settlement is handled privately between the two parties or the case is fully dropped.
  • Settlement or Trial – Most personal injury cases will be settled and will not need to go to trial. Though, if a court date is set, the experts at Ng Sidhu will fully prepare you and any witnesses as well as come prepared ourselves to display the best possible case for your needs.

ICBC Personal Injuries

When a personal injury legal case involves an automotive collision, the ICBC will be involved. The ICBC has become somewhat notorious for offering minimal coverage for injured individuals. The adjuster’s role is to minimise your claim so that your payout is as little of a loss the ICBC as possible. The ICBC can force your assessment to be done by a doctor of their choosing. The ICBC will also call you in for an Examination for Discovery. Though when you hire Ng Sidhu Law and our team of professional White Rock personal injury lawyers, we handle the ICBC communications, prepare you for any examinations or testimonies and argue so that your medical assessment and compensation is as fair as possible. We can even attend your Examination for Discovery to call out any inappropriate questions that you do not have to answer.

White Rock Personal Injury Lawyers

Ng Sidhu Law proudly services White Rock, BC and the lower mainland BC communities. If you require an ICBC Lawyer in White Rock or personal injury lawyer in White Rock BC contact the legal team at Ng Sidhu Law for a free case evaluation. We have offices in Surrey & Vancouver and service a range of lower mainland BC communities.