Trip & Fall Accident Lawyer

Tripping and falling is a common occurrence, but it can sometimes be fatal. More serious injuries from tripping and falling sometimes include broken bones, neck and back injuries, and traumatic head injuries. Even death has been observed by tripping and falling. 

When this type of accident occurs in public or another person’s/entities’ property, you could be eligible for compensation. A trip and fall lawyer can help establish if the other party is at fault, and seek compensation for medical bills, and lost income. 

Causes Of Trip & Fall Accidents

It is crucial to establish the cause of a trip and fall accident to further establish if the owners of the property are at fault. Some of the common causes of tripping and falling include:

  • Uneven flooring 
  • Badly built uneven stairs or broken stairs
  • Missing handrails
  • Poor insufficient lighting
  • Unexpected dips on the surface like holes hidden by grass
  • Debris and other objects that block movement
  • Loose and unsecured cabling, or strings
  • Large objects that obstruct clear views
  • Holes and cracks on pavements and driveways

After Tripping & Falling

Trip and fall accidents are difficult to prove the party at fault. This is more so in a public space. If you trip and fall:

  • Report to a supervisor or manage of the facility 
  • Take details of witnesses including names and phone numbers
  • Take pictures of the accident scene
  • Seek medical attention 

Proving Trip & Fall Accident Fault 

In this type of accidents, the burden of proof is on the victim of the fall. Your trip and fall lawyer has to show that the owner of the premises was negligent in building and maintaining the premises, which led to your tripping and falling. 

What If The Owner Is Family Or Friend?

Homeowner insurance typically covers accidents that are caused by the condition of the property, and the activities that are carried out on the property. This entitles you to compensation from this cover, regardless of the owner being a relative or friend. You only need to prove that the conditions of the property led to the accident.

How Much Is The Compensation?

The injury compensation is done depending on some considerations. How severe are your injuries, and what impact have they had on your life? You will be compensated for medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering. 

Ng Sidhu Personal Injury Lawyers

Our trip and fall lawyer will help quickly establish the facts of the case. This will prevent the owner of the premises embellishing the facts, or take remedial actions before the case is concluded. We have experienced personal injury lawyers in Surrey, Abbotsford and other lower mainland BC communities who understand trip and fall accidents and have successfully argued and received compensation for trip and fall accidents.