Wage Loss Compensation

As a result of your injuries you may be forced to miss time from work. This may result in the use of sick days, vacation day or even days of leave without pay. Wage loss awards compensate individuals for the hours missed.
Even if you receive compensation from disability or other employment programs you still are entitled to wage loss awards. Calculating wage loss can be a complex process. Various factors can influence this award such as, total hours missed, rate of pay, number of employers, vacation days used, sick days used and a history of overtime. These are common issues we deal with on a regular basis, however, every case has its own unique circumstances. We have a vast network of accountants and economists who can provide your claim with expert opinions to quantify your wage loss claim.


Frequently, individuals who deal with their ICBC claims without proper legal council are unfairly compensated for the wage loss they have incurred. Our team investigates your claim and learns about you, and the loss of wage you have incurred. We assess each of our clients unique situation and ensure proper compensation and a fair settlement. Contact us for a free wage loss case evaluation