How Can You Ensure Fair Inheritance in Blended Family Wills?

Unique and frequently challenging complications arise regarding inheritance in blended families. Stepchildren, half-siblings, and new spouses are changing family structures, so inheritance norms must adapt.  Most recent data from 2016 indicates around 518,000 stepfamilies with children in Canada. This accounts for approximately 12.6% of the families in the country. Such

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Five Overlooked Provisions for a Last Will and Testament

A Last Will and Testament (LWT) is a cornerstone of estate planning, which outlines estate administration and the designation of beneficiaries after passing. However, several important decisions and provisions are often overlooked. These omissions can lead to unintended consequences, delays in the probate process, and even legal challenges in real

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How to Support Charities Through Your Estate Plan

As part of estate planning, people must ensure a smooth transfer of assets to beneficiaries. Between these discussions, charitable giving is an often-overlooked way to leave a legacy of compassion and kindness.  People may honour their principles and make a difference by including a charity in estate plans. This expert

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What Is A Trust In Estate Planning?

Trust is a powerful yet often overlooked tool in managing estates. Like corporations, trust is an artificial entity formed by legal documents. It consists of four essential components: a trustee, trust property, a trust document, and identifiable beneficiaries.  The trust document outlines operational rules, trustee powers, beneficiary entitlements, and property

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