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Ng Sidhu is a Vancouver Law firm that specializes in Personal Injury Law, Family Law & Criminal Law. We are dedicated to providing knowledge and respect to our clients, ensuring that they receive the best legal counsel that Vancouver & surrounding areas have to offer. Our legal blog provides information about BC legal services, the ICBC and process involved with legal proceedings. Contact us today for a free case evaluation!

Shawn Sidhu in a Suit

Shawn Sidhu

Personal Injury Law & ICBC

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Zachary Ng

Criminal Law & Family Law

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The Ng Sidhu Law Team

Personal Injury, ICBC, Family & Criminal Law

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Give us a call or drop by our office and we will provide you with a free consultation on your legal or personal injury claim. Our experienced team will be able to quickly review your case and offer our recommendations. All future inquiries will be free of charge. Our goal is to help you come out of this troubling time in it’s best case scenario.


We are confident that we will settle your claim in your favour. Unlike other firms, we do not charge you for legal fees for the duration of your case. We only charge you after we win your claim. As an added incentive we offer competitive rates compared to other larger Vancouver Law Firms. We make sure our clients receive the reimbursement they deserve.


Our priority is your health and recovery. We have established strong relationships with Vancouver’s finest Doctors and Rehabilitation centres. As a result of our existing relationships we are constantly furthering our network within the city’s medical associations. We will be by your side every step of the way. We will accommodate and address any and all of your legal and medical needs. We will keep your case open until you are fully recovered.


Our firm has a team dedicated to each legal field, our legal team is caters to your individual case helping with your personal injury cases, specifically ICBC claims. We deal with ICBC regularly and know how to maximize your claim. Our staff cares about your needs. We will schedule appointments around your calendar. We will come to you if you can not make it through our doors. We will check in with you as often as you request. We do not believe in making excuses when it comes to any of our clients.

How we work.

1 Our initial step is a full case and client analysis and review. We meet with the person or persons that need legal council and determine the best next course of action. We are legal professionals, and can help our clients set a plan and determine potential outcomes. The first step is setting up a case evaluation, contact us today to have a case review.

2After the initial case review we can determine the damages, severity and potential compensation or appropriate representation needed to represent our clients to the fullest of our capacity. We ensure that we are fully educated in your case prior to court, minimizing surprises and improving the knowledge of ourselves and our clients.

3 Once we determine the permitters of the case we are able to properly represent our clients. Through our education and personal knowledge we make sure our clients get the best family law, criminal law or personal injury law legal council available. Contact us today for a free case evaluation, we will make sure we work for you from start to finish.

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As a modern law firm focused on enhancing our capabilities, improving our firm’s efficiency, and delivering the highest quality legal services to our clients, we are pleased to implement Primafact, litigation case development software.