Personal Injury Compensation

Our office focuses on a number of personal injury claims, specifically ICBC claims. We help our clients get the compensation they deserve, from their hardship and personal injuries, receiving Compensation for Legal Fees, loss of wages as well as the Pain and Suffering of the hardship they underwent. We provide free consultations and zero legal fees until settlement. Maximize your claim while receiving the appropriate medical attention. Sidhu Injury Law is Vancouver’s new standard for legal representation for personal injury matters.

We provide services in Punajbi, Hindi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish and English.


Many individuals who initially suffer minor aches and pains convince themselves that they are not injured. These minor aches and pains commonly develop into more serious and persistent injuries over time. It is important the correct preventive and rehabilitative steps are taken and continued accordingly. ICBC is a large provincial corporation dealing with hundreds of new accidents on a daily basis. It is easy for your needs to be over looked. Our personalized services will ensure that you receive the appropriate care and compensation.

Legal Fees

We make sure our clients get the compensation needed to cover the legal fees incurred.

Pain & Suffering

Pain and suffering is hard to measure, make sure the settlement covers your discomfort

Wage Loss

Wage loss due to injury can be substantial, ensure you get the necessary compensation.

Future Earning Capacity

We can help determine your earning capacity, and make sure we get a settlement to cover your loss.

Future Care Cost

Future care costs due to accidental injury can become substantial, including rehab, medical bills and more.

Pocket Expenses

We make sure that through our legal representation you get the necessary compensation to cover the out of ticket expenses.