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Family Law

At Ng & Sidhu, we understand that clients who come to us for family law advice may be under a great deal of pressure and stress. Because each family law case is unique, a central philosophy of our firm is to listen to and respect each client’s individual goals and priorities.

We understand family law cases are often strenuous, sensitive, and challenging. At Ng & Sidhu, we strive to provide attentive and skillful services to all of our family law clients. Start off with booking an initial consultation with us and learn more about your legal options, before you make any decisions relating to your family law case.


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We handle a wide range of assault cases, our job is to shield our clients from the potential devastating consequences.

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Driving under the influences, traffic violations and other driving offences can be financial hardship.

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Theft and stealing charges can be a very serious matter, make sure you have proper legal council for your charges.


Family law cases can involve your assets, children and livelihood. These issues require individualized attention and trust. It is imperative that you have a lawyer that you can confide in to help you navigate through these complex legal matters. At Ng & Sidhu, we strive to provide tailored services to fit the needs of each client, as we recognize that every family law case is different and unique.