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If you have been involved in an accident we recommend you seek legal assistance as soon as possible. If you speak with ICBC without proper legal advice you may cause irreversible damages to your claim. ICBC hires insurance adjusters to negotiate against you. They are skillfully trained professionals who are working to minimize your claim. ICBC adjusters will ask you a number of tactful questions early on, trying to obtain as much evidence to build a defence against your claim. They may misinterpret the information you provide to them or you may unknowingly provide them with inaccurate information.

To avoid common Common ICBC Claim Mistakes contact a ICBC specialist for a free case evaluation.

Many people who initially suffer minor aches and pains convince themselves that they are not injured. These minor aches and pains commonly develop in to more serious and persistent injuries over time. It is important that the correct preventive and rehabilitative steps are taken and continued accordingly.


If no initial assessment is performed by a doctor, ICBC may argue that your injuries are unrelated to your accident. It generally takes multiple days after an accident for the effects of various injuries to display themselves. It may take weeks or months for you to fully realize the extent of how your injury effects your day-to-day activities, your social life, your professional career and your hobbies. Use our acclaimed network of medical and treatment specialists to diagnose your injuries before you speak to ICBC.

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Legal representation will not only protect your rights but will ensure the appropriate rehabilitation and ensure a fair monetary settlement. ICBC may appear to be working towards your interests, however, they are simply trying to minimize your claim.

Our law firm has extensive experience dealing with ICBC. We have a vast network of medical practioners that can aid in your rehabilitation and substantiate your claim. While you focus on your recovery we fight for your case. We help you receive the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering, wage loss, rehabilitation expenses, future care costs and loss of future earning capacity.

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If you live in Surrey, BC or one of the surrounding communities and have been injured in a motor accident contact the personal injury lawyers at Ng Sidhu Law for ICBC legal services. Injury compensation can be difficult to monetize and even more challenging to get necessary compensation from insurance companies such as the ICBC. If you have been in an accident in the Surrey, BC area contact Ng Sidhu Law to handle your claim and negotiations with the ICBC.

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Ng Sidhu is Vancouver and lower mainland British Columbia's ICBC specialists, we have helped the people of Vancouver navigate their ICBC claims and Personal Injury Legal Disputes. Continuously building our network of medical, rehabilitation and financial experts to help our clients recover while providing aid through their complex cases. We are committed to get the settlement you or your loved ones deserve.

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At Ng Sidhu Law, we specialize in ICBC claims and know-how to assist our clients in receiving compensation from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). Each year there are thousands of injuries and ICBC claims issued, before speaking with the ICBC or one of their representatives it is important to seek the legal counsel of an ICBC specialist. If the ICBC denies or delays your insurance claim after injury occurs use the experience and legal expertise of Ng Sidhu personal injury lawyers, we have helped our clients get the compensation they need from the ICBC.

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