Zachary Ng

Family Law
Criminal Law

Zachary grew up and spent most of his life in Vancouver. As a lawyer, he fights for his clients in court in various areas, including family law and business disputes. Using his litigation experience, Zachary also negotiates deals and drafts contracts to protect the interests of his commercial clients.

Zachary is of Chinese heritage, and is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Teochiu.


The core method of Zachary’s litigation strategy is to know the facts of the case better than the other party’s lawyer. Zachary believes that the key to success in litigation is to be willing to spend the necessary time to talk to one’s clients, master the facts of the case, and be thorough. Although his current focus is on family law and business disputes, Zachary has experience in criminal defense, motor vehicle offenses, commercial and residential tenancy, strata law, and personal injury.