Criminal Law

Being accused of a criminal offence can be very stressful. At Ng Sidhu Law, we take an aggressive and pro-active approach in negotiating with Crown Counsel and preparing for trial. We carefully review all witness statements, police reports, and other materials to assess the Crown’s case and establish a strong defense.

We are committed to keeping our clients informed throughout the court process and give individualized attention to every case. We will be by your side at every stage to ensure that your rights are protected.

Our criminal defence lawyer Vancouver represent clients across the spectrum in criminal charges.


Assault Lawyer

We handle a wide range of assault cases, our job is to shield our clients from the potential devastating consequences.

Driving Offence Lawyer

Driving under the influences, traffic violations and other driving offences can be financial hardship.

Theft Charges

Theft and stealing charges can be a very serious matter, make sure you have proper legal council for your charges.


Fraud is avery serious charge, and the allegations can cause financial, emotional and professional consequences.

Sex Offense Lawyer

If you have been charged with a sexual offences, make sure you seek criminal legal council to mitigate your charges.

Drug Charges

Possession of narcotics, or intent to sell drugs and other drug offence charges can lead to jail time.



If you are in need of a criminal defence lawyer Vancouver contact Ng Sidhu, we have experience and knowledge in a wide variety of criminal defence areas. We can evaluate your case, and provide legal advice and representation. Our office is located on the corner of West Broadway and Cambie in Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer our services throughout the Lower Mainland. Over the years, we have achieved a notable record of success. We pride ourselves in fighting to uphold the principle of innocent until proven guilty.


Deciding on a criminal defence lawyer Vancouver is a very important and personal decision. If you are faced with a criminal charge, we urge you to contact us and book a time for consultation. This will be in a confidential setting in which we can assess your case and examine your options. This consultation will give you an opportunity to sit down with a lawyer to address any questions or concerns which are important to you. We hope to make the process of choosing a criminal defense lawyer an easier one. If you are faced with a criminal charge, please do not hesitate to contact our firm.