Criminal Lawyer Surrey

Laws are legal rules that dictate the appropriate and safe way to live out our daily lives. Though, when these criminal laws are broken, criminal charges can be warranted. There is a number of ways that someone can face criminal charges in Surrey.

If you have been charged, a criminal lawyer Surrey can help prove that you are either not guilty, less involved or that the charges laid are too severe. A criminal prosecutor can work to ensure that whoever harmed you, your property or another aspect of your well-being pays the fully require sentence and or fees.

If you are on either end of a criminal case, consult a lawyer immediately. Never attempt to handle your own criminal defence or prosecution. Rather, contact Ng Sidhu Law for professional Surrey criminal law services.

Obstruction Of Justice Lawyer

Any act that was done to impede with a judicial process or investigation can be a form of obstructing justice. Tampering with evidence, victims, or witnesses are examples of obstructing justice. Bribery, intimidation, assault and murder can all be specific actions filed as an obstruction of justice. An obstruction of justice does not have to be directly associated with physical force, tempering or bribery. Any form of “misleading conduct” can be considered an obstruction of justice.

Impaired Driving Lawyer

In British Columbia, motorists cannot operate a vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05mg/100ml or higher. Upon a first driving offence, your driver’s licence is seized for 3 days along with several other penalties and fines. A second offence in 5 years, leads to a licence seizure of 7 days and a third offence is a 30-day licence suspension. Variable fines and other penalties also increase with second and third offences. Driving while under the influence of other prescription or illegal drugs can also lead to a DUI. Keep the roads safe, and do not drive while affected by drugs or alcohol.

Theft Lawyer

Theft is a broad term commonly used to define the acquisition of another’s property or assets without consent, and or awareness. Theft charges are separated based on the value of items stolen:

  • Theft under 5,000 is when the total sum of all property or assets that were stolen is less than $5,000 (CAN).
  • Theft over 5,000 occurs when the total value of all stolen items is any amount above $5,000 (CAN).

Fraud Lawyer

Fraud is used to define a variety of crimes that involve misleading or depriving an individual or party, where serious repercussions are incurred. Swapping items on a price tag, making a false statement under oath, misrepresenting your income for lesser taxes and so many other fraudulent behaviours can lead to fraud charges. Fraud over $5,000 can lead to jail time up to two years.

Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual assault is any sexualized behaviour impressed upon another, where consent has not been explicitly provided. Examples of sexual assault are inappropriate touching, sexual requests, forced sexual acts and rape. Sexual assault can be done by anyone to anyone. If you feel that an individual is abusing their role or relationship, or has expectedly assaulted you, contact the authorities immediately.  

Manslaughter Lawyer

Manslaughter is defined as a committed homicide without the intention of causing death. Manslaughter can lead to a life-long prison term, with a minimum sentence of 4 to 7 years if the accused is found guilty. Two kinds of manslaughter are an unlawful act and criminal negligence. An unlawful act is any crime committed that unintentionally lead to the death of another person. Criminal negligence is defined by a deliberate illegal inaction, which caused the unintentional death of another. For example, a person can neglect the fact that they are impaired, decide to drive, strike a pedestrian and kill them. The choice to drive impaired is negligence, while the pedestrian’s death is considered an act of manslaughter.

Murder Lawyer

Murder is the act of taking another’s life, with intention. A first-degree murder is a planned and deliberate killing. First-degree murder charges result in life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years. A second-degree murder is the unplanned, deliberate killing of another person. Sentencing for second-degree murder is life in prison without chances of parole for 10 to 25 years, based on the judge’s discretion.

Arson Lawyer

A common misconception with arson is that it is the same as vandalism. Though, arson is a charge specifically reserved for those who deliberately choose to set fire to a building. When a property owner neglects to maintain a safe property and ignores signs of fire risks, the property can burn down without an individual’s intent. Though, in this instance the property owner can face an arson charge for their indirect role in the fire.

Drug Offence Lawyer

The Government of Canada maintains a list of illegal and controlled substances. These substances are either not legal to have in your possession or are only legal with doctor provided documentation.  If an individual is caught possessing, manufacturing, selling or utilising these substances, criminal charges can be filed. The relative mandatory minimum sentencing can be up to two years for those caught manufacturing schedule 1 drugs or caught selling and importing schedule 1 drugs over 1kg in weight.

Assault Lawyer

The Criminal Code of Canada defines assault in three separate forms. These are the ways an individual can commit an assault crime.

  • An individual applies physical force to a person, without consent.
  • An individual threatens or gestures towards causing harm to another person.
  • An individual is openly carrying a weapon and impedes another’s day via stopping them for any reason.

The notion of physical harm being dealt is commonly referred to as battery, rather than solely assault. Assault refers to intent and initiation, while battery refers to the damage dealt. If you are on either end of a criminal assault charge, consult the experienced assault lawyers at Ng Sidhu for professional assistance.