Family Law Surrey

When families go through traumatic situations or are entering other major stages of their lives, legal proceedings can be required. Family law can be associated with a number of broad legal services. Aspects of separation, care, abuse, and relationship definitions are all covered under family law.

If you or your family member is about to engage in a legal proceeding, consult a professional. Attempting to go through a divorce or an abuse claim without proper legal representation can be extremely difficult, saddening and emotionally painful. A legal professional helps keep your informed, decrease your hands on requirements and fully represents your needs from start to finish. At Ng Sidhu, we specialise in family law in Surrey and across Lowe Mainland British Columbia. If you have family legal issues in Surrey, feel free to contact Ng Sidhu Law today for a free initial case review.

Divorce Lawyer Surrey

Divorce is the end of a marriage in both legal and physical terms. There is a legal process and a court order involved to have a finalised divorce. The first step is to separate from your partner. Two main forms of legal divorce proceedings are referred to as Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce.

  • Uncontested Divorce – When you and your current spouse have mutually agreed to separate as well as have come to an agreed upon conclusion regarding debt, property, child support and parenting, you can apply for an uncontested divorce. This can be a much smoother and more efficient process, though requires full consent from both partners.
  • Contested Divorce – When you and your spouse have agreed that divorce is the best option but cannot come to agreeable conclusions regarding parenting, support, debt, finances and or property, you will apply for a contested divorce. Also, if you wish to leave your spouse, the court can order contested divorce regardless of their consent. Divorce lawyers then act as divorce negotiators and assets mediators. If an agreement still cannot be reached a judge will make a final decision at a divorce trial.

Abuse & Family Violence Lawyer

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Abuse can take many forms in family relationships. Abuse is horrible and should never be endured. Contact a legal professional and the authorities if you or someone you know is facing any form of serious family abuse. BC laws define abuse by segregating the potential claims in 5 categories.

  • Physical Abuse – Is your partner physically harming you, your family or your property? This is physical abuse. Threats of physical harm are also forms of family abuse.
  • Emotional Abuse – When your partner emotionally degrades you, this is a form of emotional abuse. If you partner embarrasses, yells, threatens or dictates whom you can speak with, you are facing emotional abuse.
  • Psychological Abuse – If your partner aims to decide when as well as what you do, invades your privacy, or threatens your family, they are exhibiting behaviours of psychological abuse.
  • Sexual Abuse – If you are forced to have sex against your will, to perform sexual favours that make you uncomfortable or that you otherwise do not consent to, your partner is sexually abusing you.
  • Financial Abuse – If your partner limits your access to finances and dictates exactly how the household spends its money, this can be filed as financial abuse.

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Child Support Lawyer

Parents are required to care for their children even after they are no longer together. If one parent is going to have full custody of the children, the other parent will be required to pay monthly sums towards the child’s well-being and needs. The amount of child support that suits your specific home situation can be defined using the Child Support Table Lookup tool.  This tool assesses the paying parent’s income, the number of children and the province of the parent’s residence, to determine a fair child support payment.

Fraud Lawyer

Fraud is used to define a variety of crimes that involve misleading or depriving an individual or party, where serious repercussions are incurred. Swapping items on a price tag, making a false statement under oath, misrepresenting your income for lesser taxes and so many other fraudulent behaviours can lead to fraud charges. Fraud over $5,000 can lead to jail time up to two years.

Spousal Support Lawyer

It is common in Surrey, BC marriages that one partner takes care of the home life while the other partner works to bring home money. When these couples separate, the partner that does not work may be owed some form of spousal support from the working partner. Spousal support is court ordered. Spousal support aims to address the lifestyle and financial disadvantages a spouse may be forced to make due to a separation and or divorce. Several factors including relationship duration, how much you have worked, spousal earning differences as well as your personal financial state go into defining the required spousal support amount.

Child Protection Lawyer

When parents are not able to provide for their children, this places the child at risk. If the parent cannot financially provide for the children and or cannot offer safe living situations, the child is considered to be at risk. When the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) believes a child is at risk, they will step in. Collaborative planning is a process where the MCFD mediates the various decisions and conversations between parents regarding the best way for a child to receive the care they need. In extreme cases of abuse, neglect or poverty, the MCFD must remove the child from the home.  

Common-Law Lawyer

Common-law relationships are marriage-like relationships that have lasted for more than one year. The term “marriage-like” refers to a shared income, shared assets, shared goods and more. Common law couples do not get divorced, rather they can simply separate. Common law separation can occur as soon as one or both partners desire to become separated. Many common law separations will need to undergo the same negations regarding finances, property and children, though there is no divorce law around common-law couples.