ICBC Surrey Lawyer

Have you been a vehicle accident? Are you facing serious vehicle damages or personal injuries from the accident? You will likely need insurance coverage for your personal rehabilitation and or vehicle repair needs.

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a BC public insurance provider that will likely handle your injury claims. The ICBC provides coverage and compensation to help with your needs. Though, the ICBC may look to minimalize your claim compensation for the betterment of their business.

At Ng Sidhu Law, we have experience working with ICBC claims to provide clients with the proper settlement and compensation. We want to make sure you have what you need to fully repair and recover from the incident. Contact Ng Sidhu Law today for a free ICBC Surrey claim case review. Ng Sidhu Law is proudly situated in Surrey, BC and service the area of Lower Mainland BC. If you require a personal injury lawyers to dispute your  ICBC Surrey claims, schedule a case evaluation with Ng Sidhu Law.

What Is The ICBC?

The ICBC is a government insurance organisation that provides universal vehicle insurance services to the motorists of British Columbia. The ICBC provides drivers licensing and vehicle registration services that coincide with the insurance programs. When you are in an accident, your coverage will come, at least partially, through the ICBC.  When claims are made to the ICBC the compensation offered might be less than you believe you need to fully deal with your injuries. If this is the case, contact Ng Sidhu Law today.

ICBC Claim Lawyer

When discussing your accident and claim with an ICBC Surrey insurance advisor, the advisor is looking to save the ICBC money while still providing some level of coverage that you agree upon. When discussing your claim with a lawyer, the lawyer is considering all your needs and the actual financial amount required to cover your immediate repair and rehab as well as many of the needs in the future. Lawyers can work to negotiate with the ICBC or file a suit against the negligent party involved in the accident. The lawyers at Ng Sidhu help make sure that your accident compensation is adequate for you needs, not simply the needs of the ICBC. If you require a lawyer for ICBC claims contact a personal injury or ICBC specialist for a case evaluation.

ICBC Claims in Court

Your ICBC Surrey claim will likely not be required to go to court.  Many claims are either settled with the ICBC directly and/or with the negligent party involved in the accident. Lawyers can communicate, meet and negotiate with insurance advisors or other ICBC representatives to help you get the coverage you need. If the claim cannot be solved through these efforts, an appearance in court may be required.

When Is A Lawyer Needed

If you are found not at fault for the vehicle accident and the ICBC is offering you the full extent of the negligent driver’s coverage amount, you will likely not require a lawyer, this is rarely the case. Without pursuing the driver directly, lawyers cannot get you more compensation than the ICBC has provided as coverage to the negligent driver. If your compensation offer is less than this amount and/or less than you deem acceptable, contact the insurance claim and personal injury lawyers at Ng Sidhu today.


When dealing with personal injury settlements involving ICBC, consult with a personal injury lawyer who specializes practising Law in British Columbia. It is difficult for an individual without a legal background to navigate their claim and go through the negotiations without an ICBC Surrey lawyer and ending up with a fair settlement. If you settle your case without a lawyer chances are it is too late to get fair compensation. If you have had an injury chances are you will need to deal with the ICBC at some point. Contact Ng Sidhu Law for ICBC claim services in Surrey.


When dealing with a personal injury the last thing an individual needs is the stress and anxiety of dealing with a legal dispute. At Ng Sidhu Law, we work medical professionals and rehabilitation specialists that can help aid in your recovery while we handle your financial needs and ICBC claim. Contact the personal injury lawyers at Ng Sidhu Law today to schedule a free case evaluation.