Personal Injury Law Surrey

Have you recently faced a serious injury? Has the injury and or rehabilitation resulted in large costs, insurance shortcomings or loss of your quality of life? Don’t let the injury cause future financial damage. Common causes of injury include car accidents, slips & falls, whiplash and chronic pain if you suffer from your injuries ensure that you get the injury compensation you need.

Many individuals or families choose to not seek out a professional injury lawyer, feeling that it is too large of a hassle or the cost is too high. With the help of a legal professional, your personal injury settlement can be much larger and can be easier and more quickly obtained. Personal injury lawyers can represent your needs throughout your legal processes ensuring you get the settlement and reimbursement you deserve.

You can trust the personal injury experts at Ng Sidhu Law with your with your settlement or other legal needs. Our team has the professional experience to handle your situation with the utmost service and care, always being courteous to your needs as a client and individual. Book a free personal injury case review with Ng Sidhu Law, we provide free no-obligation case evaluations in Surrey, BC & the rest of lower mainland BC.

Personal Injury Law Services

Personal injuries can happen to anyone at anytime. These injuries affect your life and the lives of your loved ones. Achieving the required finical help to support you through rehabilitation, future care and lost time is extremely important to maintain your quality of life. With the services of a professional personal injury lawyer, you can expect to receive the required settlement for your needs, not just to get by. At Ng Sidhu Law we have experience dealing with the ICBC and other large insurance organisation in order to help ensure your settlement and or insurance needs are not diminished in any way. Our team of legal professionals can help with the mediation and trial processes to ensure your needs are fully and responsibly looked after. We can make sure that when insurance companies are involved; your insurance settlement is appropriate for your needs, not simply for the needs of the insurance company. Rather than you work tirelessly to fully understand the circumstances of the accident, we can analyse the case and require the testimonials and investigate circumstances acquiring the information that is needed.

ICBC Settlements

The ICBC is a large insurance organisation that serves British Columbia. The ICBC sees numerous personal injury claims daily and offers insurance support to help with the needs of BC residents who have been injured. The ICBC works like any business and looks to lower costs associated with your claims. The result of these efforts can be holes in your coverage, lack of effective compensation among other loopholes and circumstantial situations. At Ng Sidhu Law we work to ensure that your insurance needs are met entirely and that your injury compensation amounts are sufficient for all your needs and lost wages. If you require the services of an ICBC lawyer in Surrey, BC to help navigate your ICBC settlement contact Ng Sidhu Law.

Injured Children & No Fault

Two common questions regarding personal injury cases are related to children involved in accidents as well as the regarding “no fault” accidents.

Children Involved – When children are involved in an accident parents or legal guardians can file a claim forward on the behalf of the child.

“No Fault” Accidents – “No fault” accidents state that your insurance company will have to provide the accident coverage for the incident. Though, a “no fault” accident does not take away your ability to file a claim against the negligent party involved in the incident. Further compensation for the “no fault” accident can be granted.

Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you or someone you love has faced a serious injury that last thing that you want is to have your own or their needs mishandled or shown a lack of care. An insurance company can provide coverage, though if your needs are severe you may find this coverage minimal and lacking the appropriate support. The personal injury lawyers at Ng Sidhu Law can help. We work hard to ensure that your injury is properly looked after with the required amount of financial support and insurance backing. We represent your needs from start to finish and ensure that you are not left without proper security or taking advantage of in any way.

Claims Going To Court

A personal injury legal case can often be settled outside of the courtroom. The mediation and negotiation of personal injury claims can be settled without formal court hearings, through communication and legal efforts from your attorney. If an agreement cannot be reached through communication and mediation meetings, a claim may need to proceed to court.


At Ng Sidhu, our law firm works with people in Surrey, BC to help them not only navigate their ICBC claims but receive the compensation they need our knowledge and experience dealing with Personal Injury claims and Personal Injury Law allow us to get our clients quickly receive the settlement they need to move forward after injury. Over the years we have established a vast network of medical and financial experts that can aid in the rehabilitation of our clients. Contact Ng Sidhu for your personal injury & ICBC needs.


The team at Ng Sidhu understands the laws of British Columbia and how to properly represent our clients in disputes with the ICBC. We promise to fight for our clients needs, always representing their best interests. If you are looking for a local expert and personal injury law professional contact Ng Sidhu for a free personal injury case evaluation.

What Is A Personal Injury?

A personal injury that warrants professional legal services is any instance where you have faced serious physical or emotional harm, due to another’s negligence or reckless behaviour. Some specific examples of these instances are:
If you have faced one of these situations or are unsure if your injury classifies do not hesitate to contact Ng Sidhu Law today. We can provide free initial case review and provide further legal services to hep you through this time. Ng Sidhu Law has a team of personal injury lawyers Surrey to help you navigate your claim and reach a fair settlement. If you are injured there are a number of factors that need to be considered when choosing a personal injury lawyer, make sure you work with a qualified legal professional while navigating and ICBC or personal injury case.

You Don’t Pay Unless We Get Results

Sidhu Injury Law is Surrey BC’s personal injury law firm. We have a team of experienced staff who provide results for our clients. Our firm’s main objective is the health and recovery of our clients. We have built an acclaimed medical network with some of Surrey’s top practitioners and specialists. If you or a loved one has been involved in awn accident or suffered injuries please contact us. We provide free consultations and zero legal fees until we win your claim.