ICBC Lawyer Delta

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) provides universal automotive insurance for British Columbian residents. The organisation has been operating for over 30 years and has grown to also provide licencing and vehicle registration services. When you get in a vehicle accident or incur a personal injury that involves a vehicle you will likely need to file an ICBC claim. Unfortunately, the ICBC has become known for working to minimise claim settlements in the pursuit of profits for the organisation. Accepting an initial settlement offer from the ICBC may lead to an injury or vehicle compensation amount that is much less then your situation truly requires.

Consult a professional ICBC lawyer to ensure that your Delta ICBC claims are handled professionally. At Ng Sidhu Law, we offer free case reviews and have experience with a number of ICBC claim disputes. Contact us today for more information.

Dealing With The ICBC

The ICBC will attempt to lessen your claim with carefully worded questions and a somewhat immediate compensation offers that often do not fairly compensate individuals for their immediate harm or future needs. These are 5 key tips to help keep your from getting taken advantage of by the ICBC:

  • Honesty Is Key – Do not lie about the situation of past health issues. Being caught in a lie can seriously damage your claim’s perceived credibility.
  • Have Pictures – Take pictures of all damages and vehicle involved. Ensure that pre-existing damages, or damages incurred in the days to follow aren’t lumped into your claim.
  • On-Site Information – Gather the contact and insurance information of all parties involved. The contact information of witnesses can also be key in future disputes.
  • Avoid Blame – Do not admit fault. Always speak to a personal injury lawyer before admitting or accepting any form of accident fault.
  • Stay Offline – What goes onto the Internet is there to stay. Negative comments or photos can be used against you in future disputes. Stay offline as much as possible during your claims process and always be considerate about what content associated with your name is displayed online.

One final way to ensure that you are able to maintain a fair and informed process throughout your ICBC dispute or claim is to hire a professional attorney that specializes in ICBC disputes and settlements.

The ICBC Claim Process

The ICBC offers legal insurance options for BC drivers. Though every case is different there is a general ICBC claim process that often doesn’t involve court. This is the common process accosted with opening an ICBC claim:

  • Step 1 – Report the claim. This can be done via phone call or through an online form.
  • Step 2 – An adjuster is assigned to your claim. They will contact you and you are meant to discuss the details of the accident. These conversations are meant to determine fault and the claim settlement value.
  • Step 3 – Vehicle damages are estimated. The ICBC will assign an individual to assess the damages done to your vehicle.
  • Step 4 – The ICBC will recommend a preferred list of vehicle repair shops for your repairs. You can choose any shop, recommended or not, though ICBC coverages may be less at non-participating locations.
  • Step 5 – Drivers may be asked to pay a deductible for interest and repairs that the ICBC plan does not cover.

It is recommended to contact a trusted lawyer before engaging with the ICBC. If you have already contacted the ICBC to report the incident and believe their settlement offer is lacking in any way, do not accept! It is not too late to contact a professional ICBC lawyer and receive the injury and or accident compensation you deserve.

What A Lawyer Can Do For Your ICBC Claim

When you are entering the ICBC claims process, or are committed to disputing your claim, consult a legal professional. Lawyers with ICBC dispute experience offer the following benefits to your claim.

  • Represent your interest from start to finish.
  • Professional advice on how to limit liability and protect your rights
  • Attain a fair settlement amount, not simply an attractive amount for the ICBC.
  • Obtain full medical information and expert assessments to develop a much stronger argument, often for a much large settlement value.
  • Claim valuation services based on past examples, legal knowledge and a thorough incident assessment.

At Ng Sidhu, all initial case reviews are no-obligation and cost-free. We want to help you get informed and protected. Contact Ng Sidhu today for more information.

ICBC Claims In Court

In truth, most ICBC claims and disputes do not reach a courtroom. The investigation process leads to strong arguments usually resulting in a fair settlement outside of court. Though if your case needs to go to court after negotiations prove ineffective, your ICBC Lawyer can help reach a fair and just settlement. Claims can go to Small Claims Court, The Supreme Court and Fast Track Litigation.

  • Small Claims Court – The “people’s court”, small claims offers more informal and communicative courtroom proceedings. If your claim value is likely less than $25,000, small claims court is the right option for you.
  • Supreme Court – This is a far more regulated, strict, intensive and complex courtroom setting, designed for serious injuries and enormous compensation totals. When a jury is selected, rather than solely a judge, a trial can take longer and cost more. Losing parties in Supreme Court cases can be required to pay some of the legal fees to the winning party.
  • Fast Track Litigation – A person that wishes to utilise the Supreme Court but needs less than 2 days for trial, can invoke the “fast track rule”. This is rule 15-1 of the British Columbia Supreme Court Civil Rules. The rule decreases the opportunity of discovery procedures and disallows a jury-based courtroom. Trial dates are required to be set within 8 months of the close of pleadings.