ICBC Lawyer Vancouver

Your Vancouver automotive and accident personal injury law claim will likely need to be filed with the ICBC. ICBC claims have developed a reputation of providing less injury compensation than is truly required. Don’t get taken advantage of and receive a lesser settlement payment than you deserve.

A wrongful spoken word, initial offer acceptance or late file submission can result in lower ICBC settlements. Professional personal injury lawyers help to fully understand each fact surrounding your case and calculate the true settlement value. Lawyers can handle all the communication and paperwork.

If you have faced a personal injury involving a vehicle in Vancouver, contact Ng Sidhu Law. Our professional team is here to help make sure your case receives the care it needs. Book a free case review today!

Why You Need A Lawyer For Your ICBC Claim

Professional Vancouver ICBC lawyers work to represent your needs from start to finish. Attempting to file an ICBC claim without a lawyer can be frustrating and result in a lower settlement amount. Some key advantages to working with a professional Vancouver ICBC Lawyer are:

  • Protect Your Interests – Relying solely on the ICBC to handle your claim can result in years of unrequited wait time and in less than desirable settlement offers. A professional attorney can help you get the compensation you need for immediate and future losses as well as costs.
  • Provide Further Understanding Of Damages – You and the ICBC may not have a full understanding of the situation and of the respective consequences of your injury. A professional attorney can help provide you with the required understanding.
  • Avoid Limitations – Professionals understand statute of limitations for any claim and can ensure that your case does not miss its prescribed time.
  • Professional Legal Services – Vancouver lawyers can have various fields of speciality. At Ng Sidhu, personal injury and ICBC claims are two of our specialities. We have the particular experiences to get you the results you deserve.

What Is The ICBC?

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is a provincial crown insurance corporation that was started in 1973. The roles of the ICBC are universal public auto insurance, as well as personal licensing and vehicle registration. The ICBC is run by an appointed board or directors, according to the provisions of the Insurance Corporation Act. Like any business, the ICBC looks to make money. Thus your claims are aiming to take money for the business and the ICBC adjusters will work to lessen your claims. If you are considering an ICBC injury claim, contact Ng Sidhu today.

The ICBC Injury Claim Process

The ICBC outlines a 4-step process to filing an injury claim. Before undergoing any of these steps, first talk with a professional attorney.

  • Report The Claim – Your ICBC claim can be filed either online or by phone.
  • Discuss The Situation – Speak with an adjuster to discuss the facts of the situation.
  • Receive Treatment – Receive a plan for your recovery. This can be where an offer is provided and your health treatment plan is built.
  • Get The Vehicle Fixed – Learn whether you can find the vehicle right away or if you need to first bring the vehicle to a claim centre.

Lawyers can help communicate directly and guide you through your ICBC communications to make sure you are never taken advantage of in any way.

Personal Injury Lawyer Myths

There are a variety of misunderstandings associated with what a lawyer can do to help with your personal injury and ICBC claims process. 5 of these myths are:

  • Upfront Retainer Requirements – At Ng Sidhu Law, we offer free initial case reviews and only receive payment if you get the result your after.
  • Lawyers Know How Much My Compensation Will Be – Professionals can gain an understanding if what a case like yours is worth. Though, the exact dollar amount will be agreed upon through communication and the variety of personal loss and costs factors.
  • I Will Have To Go To Court – Most cases are settled outside of court. Truly only 2 percent of ICBC and personal injury claims ever see a courtroom.
  • I Don’t Need A Lawyer – Lawyers help take the stress off your back and make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. Not solely the compensation the ICBC wants to payout.
  • I Have As Long As I Want To File – Limitation dates can nullify your claim. Most ICBC claims have between 30 days to 2 years o be filed.

Vancouver Personal Injury Limitation Dates

Limitation dates are dates that’s are set after your personal injury occurs that define how long you have to file a claim. For most personal injury ICBC claims, you have 2 years to file. For hit and run accidents, you must notify the ICBC within 6 months of the accident taking place. For part 7 accident benefits, you have to notify the ICBC within 30 days and file a benefits application within 90 days. If you are under 19, the limitation dates will not begin until the 19th birthday, though Part 7 benefits still require a 2-year limitation date for minors.