ICBC Personal Injury Lawyers

In 1973, the BC Provincial Government created the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). The role of the ICBC is to provide universal automotive coverage for residents of British Columbia. Over several decades the organisation has grown to provide vehicle registration and driver licensing services as well.

When you are in an automotive collision or incident, you will need to communicate with the ICBC and will receive an ICBC Assessment.  When involved in a car accident, there is a high chance you will incur some sort of injury. Your injury rehabilitation needs will be assessed by the ICBC and an initial settlement offer will be made.

Too often, British Columbians are left with less than they truly need to combat their injuries. This compounds the burden that your personal injury is creating. Contact Ng Sidhu Law today to receive the personal injury compensation your truly deserve.

Automotive Collisions & Personal Injuries

In 2010, over 120,000 Canadians were injured in motor vehicle accidents. There are several types of automotive collisions. Rear end accidents are prone to whiplash and neck issues, while side impact accidents more often result in abrasions and other blunt force damages. Intersection crashes are commonly side-impact. Lane changes cause the most accidents in young drivers. Head on collisions can result in the most serious damages for the car and the most serious injuries for the driver. Neck and head injuries are the most common injuries resulting from car accidents.

ICBC Personal Injury Claims

ICBC claims can be made over the phone and online.  When submitting a claim you contact the ICBC to discuss “what happened” and receive both a vehicle repair estimate and an injury settlement offer. It is not recommended to accept the initial offer. The ICBC can offer settlements that are legal and will provide some level of coverage, though they are limited and do not consider various aspects of injury compensation. You can make sure that your claim is handled professionally and that you receive the compensation you need by hiring a professional ICBC lawyer.

ICBC Personal Injury Compensation

The compensation that you deserve is based on several factors. 6 of these factors are:

  • Medical Expenses – The total cost of your injury-related medical expenses. Even expenses that are partially or fully covered can be considered here.
  • Vehicle Damages – The damage estimates for your car are considered.
  • Lost Earnings – Has you injury taken you away from work? The income you lost over this time is considered.
  • Future Lost Income – Ongoing treatments, surgeries, lost experience and more can be considered in this aspect of the compensation calculation.
  • Future Medical Costs – Will you have to receive future care for the injury? Maintenance surgeries, prescriptions and more can be considered.
  • Pain & Suffering  – This is known as a compensation multiplier. The length of time that you will have to deal with this injury and the emotional trauma the ordeal has caused creates this multiplier.

Don’t let your ICBC assessment emit some of these considerations and result in a lower compensation offer. Get the assessment and settlements you truly need by hiring professional legal representation to assist with your ICBC personal injury claim.

ICBC Assessments

Under the Part VII benefits, Section 99 for the Regulations of the Insurance Act the ICBC has the right to select a doctor of their choosing for your assessments. The ICBC tends to work with doctors that look too directly into your assessments. This means that unless your injury showcases no direct physical signs of future hardship, these (pain and suffering and future loss) considerations will be emitted from your settlement offer. A professional ICBC Lawyer can help limit your assessments attendance, argue for a non-ICBC doctor assessment and can have the assessment outcome considered in the tort claim. If you need help with ICBC settlements contact the legal professionals at Ng Sidhu Law. Ng Sidhu provides free case evaluations and specializes in ICBC legal disputes.